Year 2 News – Term 2, Week 5

This week we got off to an exciting start in Year 2 with the Shine dodgeball tournament! Two teams of 8 children came to the Shine Community Sports Hall to take on teams from Elmlea and Westbury.

We had such a lot of fun and were so proud of the children for their amazing teamwork and stickability! Thank you and well done again to all the children who volunteered.

We have continued learning about The Princess and the Pea in English this week. The children have really taken on board the importance of ‘echoing’ the text. This means using key vocabulary and phrases from the text in their own writing.

We have focused on retelling Lauren Child’s The Princess and the Pea. We made story maps to guide our writing and agreed on non-negotiable vocabulary and spellings to use in our work.

The stories are fantastically written and so varied and imaginative. Next week the children will apply their story writing skills to write their own versions of the Princess and Pea. I wonder if anyone will have a festive theme and write The Princess and the Sprout!

In maths, we have moved onto division. The children have practised applying what they know about multiplication, using the inverse rule, to solve division problems. For example, if we know that 3 x 5 = 15 we can work out the answer to 15 divided by 3.

We have also discovered what incredible singers we have in Year 2! We hope you can join us for the carol service in the final week to hear our 90 wonderful inn keepers.

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