Year 2 News – Term 3, Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had an enjoyable festive break.

We have launched into our exciting new topic of Space! We have already starting learning about the planets in our solar system and have been using the theme of space in lots of different areas of learning.

In English, we have started our new key text ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers.

The children wrote book reviews about the book and have practised sequencing the story. A main focus this week has been to use ‘expanded noun phrases’. This means using a determiner (a word that defines the noun, e.g. a, the, every) and adjectives to describe a noun. The children chose their favourite sentence to publish for the class working wall. The publishing required neat handwriting and perfect spelling and punctuation! Improving the presentation of our work is a whole-school goal for this term.

Class 7’s amazing expanded noun phrases.

In maths we have been learning about fractions of shapes. It is important to remember that all the sections must be equal when dividing a shape. We have learnt about halves, thirds and quarters and have used our reasoning skills to explain problems.

We had lots of fun learning about the structure of the planet Earth this week. The children worked in teams using plasticine to make the different layers of the Earth (the inner and outer core, the mantel and the crust).

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