Year 1 Home Learning Week 5 Term 6 (commencing 29.6.20)

This week we continue with our topic of Journeys, a topic that the whole school is working on together. Another project we will start this week together is to work together to create a Time Capsule to bury on school grounds to help show this important time for us, our school, our community and even the world over the past few months.

Below again is a summary of this week’s learning to act as guidance only and not a strict timetable to follow. Please continue to work with the routines that suit your family best. We do ask though, if your child is returning to school over the coming weeks that you do not complete work from the days suggested below on the days your child is in school as, in school we will be following the timetable more rigidly. You should see  clearly the work that we are encouraging you to photo (3 pieces) to submit  into your 2 Build a Profile platform so that we can celebrate your work and give some more feedback. Work completed in school will be submitted by the teachers in the same way. Remember that other pieces are welcome too, especially things that your child is really proud of.
Copy of blog can be found here.

SubjectSuggested Work to be submitted
EnglishSession  4-  Letter for Time Capsule
(Also send a copy to class email)
MathsSession 2 – Partitioning sheet
TopicPlease select your favourite!

English – Reading

Daily Reading
Carry on choosing books for reading, mixed up with games and other activities aimed at the level of your child from the Pearson site. As we have said all along, books you have at home or other sites you may also have been using are still fine too. Don’t forget to let your teachers know via your class email if you feel you need the next level or are having any difficulties.

Daily Phonics and Spelling
We will carry on with the link to phonics  for learning and consolidation. Continue to use them as best fits with your routines. These are consolidation of taught sounds. As last week, if you feel your child is secure with these sounds then please spend more time on spelling.

English – Writing

Session 1 : Grammar – Punctuation (and Handwriting)
Learning Objectives:
-To correctly add missing punctuation.
– To correctly form letters and use lines when writing.

This sheet allows you to revisit all types of punctuation and types of sentences. Statements, commands, exclamations and questions. For extra handwriting practise write out some of the sentences before adding the punctuation or you could just add them to the printed off sheet. There is an extra challenge included at the bottom of the sheet if you want it.
Missing Punctuation Sheet

Session 2 :  Writing – Describing words in adverts
Learning Objective:
To identify adjectives and use them in your writing
This lesson will give you all the tools you need for session 3 later in the week. Follow the link to watch the videos, practise what you’ve learnt and then apply it to some written work.
Video link

Session 3: Advert for our ‘Journey’ book
Learning Objective:
To create a persuasive advertisement
Watch this advert for the book:

Can you make your own advert to encourage people to buy the book? This could be an advert to place in a newspaper, a TV ad or even a bill board poster. Remember to make your advert eye catching and include lots of persuasive language.

Session 4 : Contributing to our School Time capsule

Learning Objective:
To write a letter to children in the future.
We are living through some exceptional circumstances and we would like to make a record of this time for posterity. We are going to create a ‘Time capsule’ at school with lots of memories from this time. We would like to include some writing from you!

Write a letter for the Henleaze children of the future telling them all about life in lockdown! Tell them what happened. Think about the changes we have had to make. What has been difficult and what has been enjoyable? Include any funny stories you might have. We would also like photos and pictures to go in the capsule too, so email them in along with your letter. 
Extra challenge: Have a go at making a time capsule to keep at home. There are instructions on how to do this below.
Instructions for making a Time Capsule

Session 5: Comprehension

If you want to use this session for extra phonics time, to complete or watch a video then please do. Please click below if you would like to complete a comprehension. Remember that there are 3 levels, choose 1 to answer. You do not need to do all 3. This week they are about Foxes. A non-fiction fact sheet text. Hope the foxes around the school grounds don’t dig up the time capsule!
Foxes Comprehension


This week in maths we are going to be doing lots of work on place value, which involves partitioning (splitting) numbers into tens and ones. So for example, 56 has 5 tens and 6 ones, a key tricky point for children is often understanding that it is also the same as 56=50+6 and understanding that the 5 tens is the same as 50.
To help children visualise the partitioning of numbers we will use what we call the line and dot method, which is basically representing the tens as lines and the ones as dots, see below for an example of this.
Some children may find it beneficial to still be working with physical objects as well, we have provided some dienes rods pictures that you could cut out for them (we would have physical versions of these in school usually) or you could make bundles of 10 straws with an elastic band to represent the tens and single straws to represent the ones. Again there are picture examples of this below.
Dienes tens and ones pieces

Session 1:
Snappy maths – again how many can you get right in 3 minutes? Choose from:
Snappy maths – addition and subtraction within 10
Snappy maths – subtraction within 20
Games on numbergym and favourites that have been suggested at other points. From last week there are these 2:
Hit the button – any of the of the Number bonds games (within 10 and 20) or the doubles game (within 20)
In the bag – missing number game on Numbergym
New online game suggestion for this week that will link with some of the work we willbe doing:
Chopper squad game – uses a 100 square to find 1 more/1 less and 10 more/less within 100 (will lead onto later learning in the week)

Session 2: Partitioning 2-digit numbers into tens and ones
Daily Number fluency slide
Learning objectives:
-to partition numbers (within 100) into tens and ones.
Watch the video on partitioning numbers
Complete the sheet– there is an information sheet as the first page to offer guidance on how to complete.
Challenge: Place value challenge cards
Dienes tens and ones – to print as a physical aid if needed

Session 3 & 4: 1 more/less and 10 more/less within 100 – to be done over 2 days
Daily Number fluency slide – Session 3
Daily Number fluency slide – Session 4
Learning objectives:
-To find 1 more and 1 less than a number within 100 using place value knowledge
-To find 10 more and 10 less than a number within 100 using place value knowledge
Main (to be split over 2 days):
Powerpoint on 1 more & 1 less and 10 more & 10 less within 100 (version as a pdf) – instructions and guidance are built into the Powerpoint as well as suggested ways to split it over 2 days.
Reduced challenge: Just focus on 1 more and 1 less. On Day 1 use physical objects to help work out 1 more/less problems and on Day 2 try to move onto recall of 1 more and 1 less facts.
Middle: Work through the 1 more/1 less part of the Powerpoint on Day 1 and complete 1 more/1 less sheet. Then on Day 2 do 10 more/10 less.
Challenge: If your child seems comfortable after the first part of the PowerPoint work through the rest of the PowerPoint in one go on Day 1 and answer the question with the mixed 1 more/less and 10 more/less questions. Then have a go at the challenge activity on Day 2.
There are a few sheets to choose from (again over the 2 days):
1 more/1 less sheet– a few different options with answers
1 more/1 less sheet -with more focus on questions that bridge 10 (e.g. 1 more than 39 is 40)
10 more/10 less sheetthe 2 star difficulty sheet
Mixed 1 more/less and 10 more/less sheet
Challenge activity: Reasoning challenges applying 1 more/less and 10 more less, try to encourage children to explain their reasoning and ‘convince you’!

Session 5:
Further consolidation of work from the week or have a go at one of the challenges! Have a look at various online games and games on Numbergym to practise basic number work skills and recall of key facts.
Reasoning Challenges from Session 3 and 4 – there were a few to choose from in the challenge activity that would be really nice to have a look at if you haven’t already.
Part-part whole tens and ones online resource– A resource to use with your child if further practise is needed for partitioning.
Daily 10 online game – if you set the game to ‘level 1 or 2’ and explore the categories there are some good quick fire questions. You will need a pen and paper to write down the answers (then you can check how many you got right at the end)


This has a week long powerpoint, click here.

Session 1 Monday- Art: Being creative and building on our mistakes.
Learning Objective:
– Learning to build on my mistakes.

Session 2 Tuesday- PE: Skipping
Learning objective:
I can develop agility and coordination learning to skip.

Session 3 Wednesday- History: 200 Year Old Time Capsule!
Thinking about childhood 200 years ago.
Learning Objective:
-I can show curiosity about the past.

Session 4 Thursday- RE
Our journeys through this Coronavirus time.
Learning objectives:

I can reflect on an unusual time in my life.
-I can talk about my hopes for the future

Session 5 Friday Finishing off and taking any additional challenges from the week. This could be a good time to look at the extra slides added to the P.S.H.E. Black Lives Matter Powerpoint

Extra challenges:
Keeping fit and healthy; PE with Joe is still happening but on a reduced schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday but you can see any of his previous video on the days in between!

6 ways how childhood is different today: This may be useful in guiding children’s discussions around how childhood has changed.

Make your own Jigsaw: Visit this page from The Museum of Childhood

Dance: Journey to the moon– This option will need enough room for children to move around energetically and safely.

PSHE Daily Activities 

Learning objective:
-I can find ways to stay positive
Wellbeing – Keep a Wellbeing diary

Learning objective:
I can be kind.
Kindness challenge – This week, play the Empathy game 

Learning objective:  
– I can say how I feel
Feelings – Keep making time to talk about how you are feeling. How could you help these worry monsters feel better?

Learning objective:
-I can have a growth mindset
Watch these clips about having a growth mindset 
Growth mindset clip
Beans clip
…and colour in some bunting to remind you about it.

Learning objective:
I can have a growth mindset.
Listen to this story: My Strong Mind and talk about ways to keep your mind healthy and strong

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