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End of Term 4 Friday 5th April 2019

(Posted: 18th January 2019 11:23)



Start of Term 4 Monday 25th February 2019

(Posted: 18th January 2019 11:21)



End of Term 3 Friday 15th February 2019

(Posted: 18th January 2019 11:20, Updated: 18th January 2019 11:22)



Children's Clothing & Lost Property

Last school year we had an enormous amount of lost property. Please can we remind all parents to make sure that your children's clothing, water bottles, fruit pots and lunch boxes are named, so if they lose anything it can be returned to them. You do not need to have proper labels, just writing on the labels in the clothes already, is fine. Please can we try to have a year where we do not have mountains of lost property! Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

(Posted: 12th September 2016 09:31, Updated: 18th January 2019 11:18)


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