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What do Our Governors do?

This a question you may have asked yourself so here is a brief outline.

Together with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team, we are responsible for making sure our School provides outstanding education for all children.

We make decisions together on matters such as performance targets, school policies and school development plans.

We monitor the impact of school policies and oversee the school budget and staffing.

The governors’ role is one of ‘support and challenge’. We provide support and encouragement to the Head and senior leadership team, drawing on their knowledge and experience and respecting their position as professional leaders of the school. We also ask strategic questions to help develop improvement priorities for the school and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

The Full Governing Body meets five times each year. We receive reports from the Head prior to each meeting and gain an overview of the School’s development.

The bulk of the Governing Body’s work is done by our two committees: the Pupil Support and Standards Committee and the Resources Committee, which each meet three times a year. 

Our Governors


Who are our Governors? Follow the link here.



No Pecuniary Interests were declared by Governors for the academic year 2016/17

Governors Attendance Register 2017-2018

Governors Attendance Register 2016-2017

Governors Attendance Register 2015-2016

















Minutes from Governors Meetings

10th April 2018Full Governing Body Minutes March 2018 PDF document
14th February 2018Full Governing Body Minutes December 2017 PDF document
23rd January 2018Full Governing Body Minutes October 2017 PDF document
12th October 2017Minutes of Full Governing Body Meeting July 17 PDF document
11th May 2017Full Governing Body Meeting Minutes 11th May 2017 PDF document
9th March 2017Minutes of Full Governing Body 9th March 2017 PDF document
8th December 2016Minutes of Full Governing Body 8th December 2016 PDF document
13th October 2016Minutes of Full Governing Body 13 October 2016 PDF document
11th July 2016Minutes of the Full Governing Body 12th May 2016 PDF document
7th July 2016Minutes of Full Governing Body Meeting 7th July 2016 PDF document
10th June 2016Minutes of Full Governing Body 10th March 2016 PDF document
7th June 2016Minutes of Full Governing Body 10th December 2015 PDF document
15th December 2015Minutes of Full Governing Body Meeting 15th October 2015 PDF document
15th July 2015Term 5 Minutes of Full Governing body Meeting 14th May 2015 PDF document
19th March 2015Term 4 19th March 2015 Full Governing Body Minutes Term 4 FGB Minutes PDF document
1st January 2015Term 2 4th December 2014 Full Governing Body Minutes PDF document
8th December 2014Term 1 16th October 2014 Full Governing Body Minutes PDF document
14th July 2014Term 6 14th July 2014 PDF document
19th March 2014Henleaze term 4 FGB 20 Mar 2014 PDF document


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