Year 2 Term 2 Week 6

Friday 9th December – Christmas parties, Thank you to those who have already signed up for bringing in food (this will be on patios) asking for you to contribute food towards this. Please remember we are a no nuts school. Also please name any containers you may use so that we can return them to you. Children can also wear party clothes and/or a Christmas Jumper to school on this day.

Thank you for the offers of help for our Theatre trip in the last week of term. 
Maple class are still looking for a number of volunteers, please contact Miss Eskell or Mrs Hibbard if you are available to help.

Subject specific information:



Our writing this week will look at celebrations around the world with a focus on how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and which continents these countries are on. We will also be writing a setting description for a favourite setting in the film ‘Stickman’. We will encourage the children to use their 5 senses to describe the setting to help the reader imagine they are really there!


As we begin our final 2 week countdown to the end of term, our reading activities will turn to a more festive theme. The children will look at christmas acrostic poems, word searches and read about advent wreaths. 


This week we are learning or revising these phonemes and linked spelling rules:

Monday– (y)oo as in cue, tune, stew

Tuesday -oo as in clue, June, blew

Wednesday -Sh as in station, special, sugar, chef

Here are some spellings you can practise at home with your children:

  • Rescue
  • Cue
  • Venue 
  • Prune
  • Rule
  • Knew 
  • Dew
  • Stew
  • Fraction
  • Emotion
  • Station 
  • Official 
  • Electrician 
  • Parachute 
  • Chalet 
  • Charlotte

As part of our daily recall, children are reading common exception words. Whilst most children are confident at reading them, we really want this to be evident in spelling when writing. Please support your child with spelling the following words correctly when they are doing any writing at home. 


In maths this week we will continue our work on multiplication and division. Our lesson objectives for the week are:

  •  Use arrays
  • Make equal groups – grouping 
  • Make equal groups – sharing 
  • The 2 times tables & Divide by 2 – cooking – divide ingredients by 2 

If you want to support your child with their learning you can visit together.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

KUW this week will have a festive twist! The children will engage in many engaging activities like:

  • Making christmas cards
  • Making christmas decorations
  • Making christmas hats 

We will also be lucky enough to engage in a fun morning on Monday called ‘Christmas in a box’. We are keeping this under wraps for now but look out for pictures of this in our next blog post!

We are also going to be attending Reception’s nativity dress rehearsal. They have been working really hard on their performance and we are so excited to get a sneak preview!

R + WV

In R + WV this week the children will show us what they have learnt this term. They will try and answer our big question of ‘How do we celebrate our journey through life?’ through 3 different activities. 

Journey Through Life Yoga & Wellness - Home


In PSHE the children will begin to  understand that it is OK to be different from other people and to be friends with them. They will work to understand that we shouldn’t judge people if they are different from us and think about how it feels to be a friend and have a friend.

Stars of the Week

Sycamore – Kofi

Maple – Alex

Magnolia – Ted

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