Home learning to follow during school closure days on 15th and 16th March

The planning for the next two days is standalone learning accessible to each age range at their own level.  The theme is linked to our current whole-school focus around being healthy, including healthy relationships and showing kindness . There are also some topical activities based around this time of year.

There is no expectation for children to bring in evidence of other learning that takes place, but we always enjoy looking at photographs that are sent in. 

Please also visit class blogs for the usual weekly learning focus information from teachers as support in these areas will help your child to progress in the planned curriculum. Year 1 teachers are also asking children to learn lines from their upcoming play

The egg decorating activity is something that KS1 may be able to incorporate in some year group challenges to be announced next week, but could simply be enjoyed as a family craft activity. 

It is optional for children to create and bring in their completed ‘Bristol Monument’ This is now going to be used in a local competition across our partner NW24 schools with a chance of a prize donated by the RWA.

If your child is accessing learning through any form of digital technology, please follow guidelines outlined in out Online Safety Policy and online safety tips

Please adapt resources to suit your child/ren and your daily routine, 

PSHE and whole school rules and valuesKindness Assembly 
Maths Easter Themed maths booklet
Alternative (non-Easter) maths-division by sharing andCHOCOLATE MATHS
Reading Spend time reading your school book to a grown up and if you have time, share your favourite stories with your family or even your teddies!
Reading Comprehension short story and questions: The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse
Read or share the story of Brenda’s Boring EggWhilst you are reading/sharing this story can you: Identify and predict rhyming wordsGuess what the chick will look likeThink about how Brenda feels when the other birds boast
Art Easter egg design and make blown egg Hint: Year 1- this might be a good base for the Year 1 egg challenge to comeYear 2-you could incorporate them into a piece of headwear for the annual spring bonnet parade)
NW24 Art Competition Designing a Bristol MonumentUse these slides to find out more about famous monuments in the UK.What do you love about where we live? Imagine you could create a monument as amazing as The Angel of the North in Gateshead. Be an artist and design and make something that celebrates what you love about Bristol.

Physical Development-we are thinking about being healthy this term. 
Get moving!If you can, get outside to walk, run, scoot, or cycle. If you can’t get outside, you could also follow a cosmic yoga story at home. 
Get cooking!Help your grown ups to make one of the meals today. Try hard to eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables throughout the day.
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