Year 1 Learning Week 5, Term 6

We really hope you can make our open evening on Monday this week. This is a great opportunity to see your child’s work in their current classroom as well as visit their new classrooms with them.

Monday 1st July – Open evening – a chance to come and look at your child’s work in their current class and also visit their new classroom.
Wednesday 10th July – Annual Reports out to parents
Friday 19th July – Last day of school before summer holidays – non-uniform
Monday 22nd July – INSET day
Tuesday 23rd July – INSET day

Phonics: Phase 5cFocus alternatives
/ee/ e_e: theme
/ee/ y: happy
/ee/ ie: chief
/ee/ ey: key


This week we will begin learning the story ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. This is a lovely wordless tale which offers lots of discussion around moving on and provides lots of opportunity to be creative. Where would a magic crayon take you?

We will be orally retelling the story, writig speech bubbles to go alongside the story and then mapping the story.

Maths fluency/mental maths focus
Reciting days of the week and months of the year
Couting forwards and backwards within 100
Doubles and halves recall within 20
Addition and subtraction recall within 10
We are going into our second week of focusing on telling the time.
This week we are focusing on:
-Telling the time to the nearest hour using o’clock on an analogue clock.
-Telling the time to the nearest half hour using ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ on an analogue clock.
-Using the vocabularly minute hand, hour hand, o’clock and half past.
-Exploring the difference between hours, minutes and seconds and knowing which is the longest/shortest unit of time.

Supporting at home

A lot of houses these days don’t have analogue clocks; it would be really benficail if your child had a analogue watch that they could practise telling the time with at home.#

Also please supoprt by talking to your child about different times of the day that things happen. What time do you have dinner? What time do you go to bed/get up?

SHINE PE– Outdoor Athletic Skills

PE – Floor work

R+WV – Taking care of our wonderful world and encouraging others to do so.

PSHE– Growing and changing

Science– 2 week weather chart to compare to our winter charts.

Computing – Using the ipads to sort and create venn diagrams of carnivore, herbivores and omnivores to link to our science learning.

DT/ Art– To use a saw to cut wood to size to make a photo frame.

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