Year 1 Home Learning – w/c 23.3.30

Reading and Phonics

Daily Reading  
Learning objective: Read accurately by blending the sounds in words. Read aloud many words quickly and accurately.
Use texts from your house and on the following websites.
Click here for Twinkl,  then choose ebooks from menu. 
Oxford Owl

Find a piece of text and ask your child to see how many times they can find different words..e.g. the  and   because
Daily Phonics 
Learning Objective: Revise sounds taught.
My Monster Book of PhonicsClick here to find in shared drive.
Work through work book together. Identify the sounds and complete the task.
Daily Handwriting and fine motor skills. Ideas for fine motor skills can be found here (and were sent home).
Handwriting: Start with lower case letter sheet (that was sent home) and this can be used as a reference for you and child to refer to when carrying out writing tasks. Concentrate on starting positions, size, orientation and using the line. Move onto the capital letters and discuss which capital letters look completely different to the lower case letters and which are just larger versions.
3 Writing Tasks: 
Learning Objectives: Write a set of simple instructions for making a bowl of cereal.
Use the 3 steps below as a guidance (not intended to use as worksheets) over 3 days for writing the instructions.

1. Discuss the pictures. Get the same out and actually make a bowl of cereal together. Talk about the stages using the language of First, Then, Next , Finally.
2. Draw and label all the things you need in your workbook. What materials are the spoons, bowls and packaging made from?
Extend: Include adjectives on this to describe all the components.
3. Use the frame to help set out in work book to write a simple set of instructions using the language above to start each section of the method. Use capital letters at the start of the sentence and punctuation.
Extend: Write other instructions for other daily tasks. (Also linked to PSHE and ‘How to wash your hands’ Poster)
Daily (x5) mental maths Activities can be found here.

Some of the activities are on Purple mash 
For instructions of how to access Purple mash click here.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 
Username: class42019   Password: frog
Username: class52019   Password: lion
Username: class62019   Password: deer

Activity 1
Learning Objective:
– Sequence familiar events.
– Use vocabulary to describe the order of familiar events, including before, after, first, next, morning, afternoon, evening.

Complete sheet ‘My Day’ sequencing events from their day (either by cutting and sticking the pictures or drawing your own). Discuss with them the events using the vocabulary above in the learning objectives.
Also label the time that various things happen to the nearest hour (by writing ‘__o’clock’).
Optional: Purple mash game ‘AM or PM’ set as a ‘2Do’ (talk about what AM and PM mean)
Optional: Look at the clock in your home (preferably analogue) at various points in the day and point out the time that you do certain things!

Activity 2
Learning Objective:
– Identify the minute hand and the hours hand on an analogue clock.
– Read o’clock and half past times on an analogue clock.

Use this online clock to look at o’clock and half past times. Discuss where the minute hand (big) and hour hand (little) point at these times. Practise making different times together (take it in turns to challenge each other!). A point that children often find difficult is the position of the hour hand at half past, especially when it gets into the 2nd half of the clock – we would teach this by looking at the direction the hands move (clockwise) and showing the hour hand then continuing halfway past towards the next number. 
Optional: Telling the time quiz on Purple mash (set as a 2Do). Talk about the minute hand being the bigger hand and the hour hand being the shorter hand.

Activity 3
Learning Objective:
– Identify the minute hand and the hours hand on an analogue clock.
– Read o’clock and half past times on an analogue clock.

Complete the Telling the Time sheet filling in the times shown on each clock.  Write as _o’clock and half past__.
The second sheet has blank clocks for you to add your own – either extra practise of o’clock/half past or doing some quarter past times if they are ready.

Optional (potential to link with PE!):
Learning Objective:
– To explore the difference between seconds, minutes.
Introduce the second hand and explain that there are 60 seconds in a minute. Complete the ‘1 minute time challenges’ sheet.
Learning objective: I can tell you about some different ways Easter is celebrated around the world.
– Do you do anything special at Easter time, or do you know anything about celebrations in other countries? Maybe you can tell your child about ways you celebrated as a child.
– Have a look at the ‘Easter Round the World’ presentation.
– Choose a country and find out about a different Easter custom. Draw a picture and write a couple of sentences .

Learning objective: I know the importance of washing my hands properly and catching my sneezes.
Have a look at the resources
-Ensure your child knows how to wash their hands properly and catch their sneezes in a tissue(‘catch it bin it kill it’). Try out the pepper and soap experiment.
Make a poster to remind the family to wash their hands.
Cosmic kids yoga on you tube is a great for gentle calming exercise and core strength through the power of
The stories are varied from Pokemon to bunnies!
Below is a link to a suggested one. The Squishy Fish (Approx 15mins)
Ball Skills
Starting in seated or lying position: throw a bouncing ball,
chase, pass and collect in balanced position (facing
opposite direction to start).
Extend to partner feeding ball.
With a partner standing with tennis balls held out at
shoulder height: from up to 3m away react and catch ball after
1 bounce.
There is a daily online PE lesson at 9am for FREE.
Design and Technology
Make a model of a Fantasy place/island. This can be made from junk modelling or lego or other
construction that you have at home. You may wish to take a photo to share with the class.
Geography Draw a map of your special place/island. You may want to include a key or labels.

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