Reception Home Learning Instructions

How to add observations to 2Build a Profile

Please send us observations on 2Simple to show us what you have been doing at home. We have given each child a workbook and a folder. Sheets can go into the folder and some tasks will be specified to do in the workbook. We will be asking you to bring both of these back to school when we return. You will NOT need to log in to 2Simple to send us observations. Any parent that is registered to receive the 2Build a Profile emails can send an email to directly with the observation. The observation will automatically be allocated to the correct child. (In the case where more than one learner is associated with an email, the email should contain the name of the child in the subject). We will be able to see the observations as you send them and use them to inform our future planning.

Example observations: Rebecca shared the teddies between two people correctly. She did this independently/Rebecca noticed the tricky word ‘my’ in the story we were sharing. (You will also need to add a picture which is really lovely to see but also very helpful to support the teachers understanding of the observation).

Ideally we would like 3 observations a week.  These can include practical maths and other activities such as cooking or art and craft activities . They do not need to be activities set by us.

In one email please send one photo and the comment about that photo. This will come up as one observation. If you have multiple pictures, please send multiple emails with a comment for each photo.

Home Learning Resources

We have sent home folders to keep work together at home during the school closure period. Any work, regardless of subject, can be put into this folder. Inside the folder you will find a blue workbook which is for recording certain tasks (we will let you know each week which ones). You will also find a whiteboard and pen for practising writing phonemes, blending words, writing number sentences etc. We will be asking for work recorded in the book to be returned to school so please follow the guidelines below.

At school we have talked to children about their best presentation with all our work and we expect this to be the same with their home learning.

  • All work to be dated by the adult (20/3/20)
  • Best presentation of work, drawing and writing with a pencil, colouring with crayons or pencil crayons. (Not felt tips as this will go through the paper).
  • Indicate at the top of the page the level of support you have given your child:
    • S = Support given
    • I = Independent
    • WT = Worked through task together
  • You could include photographs of more practical activities/tasks.

Any child initiated activities/diary entries should be done on paper and kept in the folder.

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