Year 1 Learning Weeks 1 & 2

PE Days

They will need to come to school in PE kits on these days. They will wear these all day so please ensure they are warm enough with jumpers and joggers as needed! This is to reduce the amount of things being brought to and from school. We will try to stick with these days, however we will post on our blog if we need to swap one week. Please note we won’t be doing PE in Week 1 (the short week with just 2 days).

Class 4 – Tuesday and Thursday

Class 5 – Monday and Wednesday

Class 6 – Wednesday and Thursday

Week 1

This is the first week is just 2 days, Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September. In these first 2 days we will be spending lots of time talking through Year 1 routines and helping children to find their way around their new classroom. We will also be talking about the new measures that have put into place to keep everyone safe and focusing on the children’s well being. Our main aim will be to help them settle into their new class and feel happy! Below are some of things that we will be covering.


  • Follow Jigsaw Programme – Being Me in my World – Feeling special and Keeping safe
  • Well-being activities around coming back to school and being back in a class of 30.
  • Learning new Year 1 routines
  • Children to find out their colour groups (mixed ability)
  • Where the toilets are! – using the toilet sensibly and washing hands routines and expectations.
  • Learning about how to use the outside area safely and sensibly.
  • Work as a class to establish a set of class rules together, building on our school rules and expectations.
Jigsaw Jack… he helps us with our PSHE learning in our circle times!


  • Give out reading log books and begin to assess reading level, initially based on last book box in Reception.
  • Writing –  Tell us something about your holidays.


  • Counting within 20 forwards and backwards.
  • Complete a blank number track in maths books, with a focus on forming our numbers correctly.

Week 2

Monday 7th – Friday 11th  September
This week we will have a big focus on our ELLI animals and thinking about how they help us with our learning.


  • Individual  and whole class reading– All children to be read with individually and moved as necessary over this week. Whole class reading additional to this.
  • Daily Phonics- Recapping of the sounds and words taught in Reception and assessment of gaps. Games and activities to aid this. 
  • Writing- Writing about an ELLI animal that we think we are most like and explain why. We will be encouraging the children to say their sentence out loud before writing it down.


  • Daily Maths – Counting and representing numbers within 10 in different ways, such as on your fingers, with objects, as numerals, on a tens frame or using numicon.
  • Comparing numbers within 10 using the language and symbols ‘greater than’ >, ‘less than’ < and ‘equal to’ =
  • Recall of addition facts within 4.
  • Counting forwards and backwards from any number within 20.


  • Establishing routines and expectations for PE in Year 1 and looking at balance. Please remember to wear PE kits on your classes PE days.


  • Following the Jigsaw Programme – Being Me in My World – Being a member of a class and group of people
  • Class to choose an ELLI animal each day, choose a story together and discuss what the animal is like and how it can help our learning. There will also be opportunities for the children to think about how each animal works and learns, through discovery times and vaious activities outlined below:
The 7 ELLI animals. Which one are you most like?

(Design and Technology)- Working in a small groups as a team to make bumble bees. Also PE session to include team warm up games.

PSHE Circle time string activity. Can we make a web? What does it show?

Art- Being creative and making a pictures, choosing from a range of various media. Also mindfulness Unicorn colouring. 

Art- Paint mixing, experimenting to see how colours and shades change. Use small and huge pieces of paper outside and in to then create whole class bunting for display in classrooms.

Plan, do and Review – children to plan an activity that they want to do in the classroom, then do it and review how it went! This could be planning to make a model and then make! What could they have done better? Would they want to change it?

Art – Collage of a tortoise using small sticky shapes to create a collage. Needs great stickability to keep going to fill the whole tortoise!

Cat – English – Introduction to Topic & questions. Who is Beegu?         – Writing – Record questions for a display. Can you use a question mark? Colouring and cutting out cat masks as well.

We will be making our plans and resources (from Week 3) that we are following in class available in a folder on our shared drive. These are only intended for those who are self isolating or in quarantine. Please be aware that they are written for our use in school, so activities may need adapting for using at home. If you do need to self isolate, please just use the plans do what you can and don’t feel pressured to complete it all. Daily reading should be the main focus.

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