Year 1 – Term 1, Week 5

Another exciting week in Year 1! We have been continuing with our topic Beegu and Me, including labelling internal body parts and writing a postcard to Beegu’s parents to tell them about where he has crash landed! We have also been using Purple mash games on the ipads to help consolidate our addition learning in maths this week which have been a big hit with the children. Few little reminders:

  • Could you make sure your child has a water-proof coat in school every day. The weather has changed and we will continue to make the most of our outside provision, whatever the weather!
  • Individual Photos this coming Wednesday, 30th September. If your child has PE on this day, make sure that they are wearing their school polo shirt/sweatshirt with their PE bottom half! The photographs will be from the waist up!

Class 4 Max K
Class 5 Eryn
Class 6 Austin

Next week learning

Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.

Forest School This week some of our children in Year 1 will be having a second forest school session. A reminder that these are just  the children who missed out in Reception when we locked down. The weather has changed now so please remember coats and wellies.


Please remember to write the phonics and keywords in your books at home. These can be used to practise them throughout the week. You can also draw pictures and put the words into sentences in this book for an extra challenge.

Daily Recapping phase 3 and applying them for blending words and spelling, including consonant clusters.
We will have a particular focus on triple trigraphs: igh, ear, air, ure but also focus on double consonants: ll, ff, ss, zz,ck (phase 2 and 3)  
Read by sight: duck  miss  still  across   well  tell  fell
Spelling: said, have, like, so, do (Also could include in sentences)
Vocabulary: adjective, phoneme, sounds, consonant,  blend, letter name, word, sentence, full stop


  • Recap what an ADJECTIVE is and use to help describe what we would see, hear, smell, taste and touch on Beegu’s Planet. (Using our 5 senses-Linked to science)
  • Writing sentences about Beegu’s planet using sentence starters and full stops.
  • Handwriting and Spellings of the phonics and keywords listed above through formation and joining practice and dictated sentences.


  • Read as part of a group. Look at front cover details and explore making predictions, using phonetic knowledge to decode unknown words, extend vocabulary and use picture and context cues to help fluency and comprehension.
  • In reading groups, concentrate on phonic recognition gaps identified in assessments. 
  • Read as a class the letter sent from Beegu about her planet, Ugeeb.


  •  To solve subtraction problems within 10, by ‘taking away’.
  • To use the language first, then and now to tell subtraction number stories. (For example, First there were 8 birds, then 3 flew away, now there are 5 birds.)
  • To use the symbols – and = to record subtraction number sentences.
  •  To use ordinal numbers to describe the position of objects (First, second, third etc)

Wider Curriculum

Following the Jasmine Real PE lessons we are on lesson 3 of Riding Our Bikes. 

  1. Warm up all our muscles before starting. 
  2. We have learnt all our new movement skills (sidesteps, hopscotch forward and backward and zigzag knee lift) now. We will continue to focus on practising these skills during our imaginary bike ride so that we get better at them. 
  3. We are also working on our listening and following instructions skills as well as our teamwork skills so we will also be playing a follow the leader game in pairs. The follower needs to mirror the leader exactly in everything they do. Ensure both children get to be the leader.

This week we continue with our topic Where do we belong? and are moving on to discuss people who make a difference to us using the powerpoint of the same name as a starting point. This will include family, school, friends, sport coaches and religious figures such as vicars, priests and Imams and we will also be looking at the reason why they make a difference. The lesson is predominantly discussion based and we will create a whole class list as well as an opportunity for each child to draw a portrait of someone who is important and makes  difference to the children

Rights and Responsibilities remains our theme and this week we are moving on to discuss learning environments and behaviours. Starting with a discussion regarding the Jigsaw charter and reminding children about listening to each other we move on to discuss the kind of things that are helpful to our learning and can be brought to school as well as those that aren’t. Children will be encouraged to think why they are helpful or otherwise and explain their thinking. Discussion will be prompted by some objects in Jigsaw Jack’s bag such as a football, pencil case and toothbrush.This will lead on to the kind of environments the children think will be best for learning and in group they will sort some pictures into good and bad learning environments. This will help us to form our class charters for behaviour.

Beegu has come from another planet and this week we will be using our imagination to draw, paint or create a collage of what we think it might look like. Last week we were thinking about adjectives so the children will be thinking about colours and textures as well as thinking about this week’s topic in Science which is the five senses. The children will be encouraged to think about what they can see, hear and smell as inspiration for their creation.

Our topic remains our bodies and this week we move onto the five senses which will help us with our writing in English as well as art. Starting with a song we will follow the powerpoint to learn about the organs which are responsible for our senses. Finally we have an exercise in groups for the children to use each of their senses and complete a worksheet.. 

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