Year 1 Week 6, Term 1

Celebration of last week – Well done Year 1. We all had another amazing week! Can’t believe we have finished our fifth week already. Last week we wrote about using our 5 senses if we were on Beegu’s planet, Ugeeb. She had sent us a letter and a picture full of wonderful descriptions of her planet. The classrooms and corridors are filling up with all your wonderful work so we thought that we would like to share that with all that can’t see the boards right now. We think you’ll agree that everyone is working so hard and having lots of fun too. This really comes out in their work. We are all very proud.


  • FHIS Amazon Wishlist –As a year group we were asked to include items to the wish list. In the final week of this term we are hoping to make some animations of our Beegu story. We have included yellow plasticine on the wish list. If you are shopping over the next week or so and are able to contribute that would be amazing. Click here to go to the Amazon Wishlist.
  • Reminder. Monday 5th October is an INSERVICE day so there will be no children in school that day. Week starts on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday 6th October. 5:15pm An Invitation to a Q and A Zoom about our English and Maths learning in Key Stage 1. (Following on from the information Powerpoint that was sent out last week). There is more information in the newsletter about this event.

Forest School This week some of our children in Year 1 will be having a third forest school session out of 4. A reminder that these are just  the children who missed out in Reception when we locked down. The weather has changed now so please remember coats and wellies.

Well done to our stars…
Class 4: Logan
Class 5: Oscar
Class 6: Annmarie

Learning Week 6

Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.


*Remember to write the phonics and keywords in your books at home. These can be used to practise them throughout the week. You can also draw pictures and put the words into sentences in this book for an extra challenge.

Daily Recapping phase 3 and continuing to apply them for blending words and spelling. We will have a particular focus on:
oi, ur, er,
Read by sight: boil, fur, her, see, hear, smell
Spelling: some, come, little, one, were  (Also could include in sentences)
Vocabulary: adjective, phoneme, sounds,  blend, letter name, word, sentence, Capital letter and full stop


  • Using our knowledge of  ADJECTIVES and using our word banks which we have made, describe what we see, hear, smell, ‘taste’ and touch on our way to school. (Using our 5 senses-Linked to science and last week’s writing)
  • Writing sentences, using Capitals and  full stops correctly .
  • Handwriting and Spellings of the phonics and keywords listed above through formation and joining practice and dictated sentences.


  • Read as part of a group, recognising and joining in with predictable phrases
  • Read as part of a group, responding with the correct sound to graphemes for phonemes taught
  • Read accurately by blending sounds in unfamiliar words.
  • Challenge: Discussing word meanings, linking new meanings to those already known
  • Listen to and discuss a wide range of stories and non-fiction beyond independent reading level 
  • Explore inference – what is the author trying to tell us?


Maths fluency skills:

  • Quick recall of addition facts within 8 
  • Counting forwards and backwards from any number within 20.
  • Recall of 1 more/less
  • Missing numbers on the number line

Learning Objectives: 

  • To use the language first, then and now to tell addition and subtraction problems.
  • To identify if a problem is addition or subtraction
  • To use the symbols +, – and = to record number sentences.
  • To compare addition and subtraction number sentences using the symbols < > and =

Possible Key difficulty points:

  • Identifying whether it is addition or subtraction – underline key vocabulary that might indicate whether it is addition or subtraction. 

Wider Curriculum


Learning Objectives remain the same for this unit of PE

  • To master fundamental movement skills,
  • Increase agility, balance and coordination individually and with others 
  • Follow instructions.

Follow the PE plans based on Jasmine

Introduce Pirate adventure and new commands – Ship Ahoy: jump on one leg, Gangplank walking with high knees.

Warm up – gallop on horseback to the sea, then row to the ship.

Load the ship, children in a line passing the ball to each other in an innovative way. Explore the decks using last week’s skills (zig zag knee lift, hopscotch, sidesteps) and prepare for battle (fencing, pretend sword fighting). Climb the rigging and then scrub the decks. The sea is getting rough and there are rolling waves – stagger from one side of the hall to the other and finally prepare for battle (in teams load the cannon balls – rolling the balls to each other.

Introduce new skills 

  • Balance on one leg for at least 10 secs without wobbling, swap legs
  • 5 mini squats on one leg
  • On one leg close your eyes and stay still for 30 secs.

RE: Where do we belong? Families and Jesus in the Temple

Learning Objectives

  • Think about who makes up their family and understand that families can be very different. Identify feelings and experiences associated with being part of a family
  • Understand what this story tells Christians about why Jesus was special.

Using the presentation RE week 6 discuss what makes a family. Encourage the children to compare their families and explore differences and similarities. Looking at the photos can they decide which ones are families, discuss that there can be all different types of families and not all are the same.

Move on to the story of Jesus in the Temple. Use the link or the corresponding passage in the Children’s bible. 

Discuss with the children and emphasise that Jesus was part of a family like we are. Ask them how they think why Mary & Joseph may not have noticed he wasn’t with them (travelling in a big group, extended family). Discuss why they think Jesus calls the Temple his Father’s house. 

Children can act out the story and / or discuss a special time that they have spent with their family.

PSHE: Being Me – rewards and feeling proud.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know my views are valued and can contribute to the class charter
  • Recognise how it feels to be proud of an achievement

Cover Jigsaw charter and basic rules. Connect us activity in pairs – “Hello my name is ……and my favourite animal is …..” Calm me activity, thinking about what helps to make them calm and how important it is for our learning to have a calm environment. Open my mind activity, using the picture of children learning well in the powerpoint  PSHE week 6 ask the children to show you different faces like happy, sad, concentrating and proud. Introduce a medal or certificate that Jigsaw Jack has and discuss what they understand by proud. Using the three pictures can the children identify which ones and proud, can they think of times when they have been proud themselves? Model a proud face and tell the class you are proud of all of them and ask them to tell you why they think you are proud. Then hand out pre-prepared stickers to everyone. Let me Learn activity, In pairs children to read their stickers to each other and discuss how they feel – happy, excited, proud? Can they think of ways that they might like to be rewarded for an achievement (medals, certificates, free time, use of a device etc) These can be used for our class rules – children to vote for top 3 ideas. Complete I am proud worksheet.


Learning Objectives – I understand that humans have a lifecycle and where I am within that. Go through the powerpoint Growing Up, encouraging the children to think about the changes that they have already gone through in their lives since they were a baby. Encourage the children to relate the age groups and changes to members of their family. Discuss any changes that they know will be coming up (reference older siblings, Mum’s and Dad’s etc).

Complete the growing up sequencing activity.

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