Term 1 Week 7


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Celebrations from week 6

The children have been excellent stickability tortoises this week with their maths learning, persevering with tricky new concepts. We had a wonderful afternoon of science exploring all sorts of materials and their properties. Our Islamic art lesson, creating tessellating pictures was fantastic! We were blown away with the amazing pictures they created.

Week 7


We will continue with our story, The Egg, this week and will learn the story off by heart. We will practise retelling the story out loud, map out the story in pictures and then write the story using these resources to support us. At the end of the week we will start to think about designing our own mythical creature we could teach lessons to!

In phonics the children will look at the sounds au (August), ey (monkey), a-e (cake) and e-e (even) and practise using these in our reading and writing of words and then applying those words in sentences. 


This week we are continuing our block of addition and subtraction. We are going to be adding 2 digit numbers including an exchange (ask you children what that means, hopefully they can tell you!) We are also going to be subtracting 2 digit numbers crossing 10. Click here to watch a home learning video explaining exchanging and click here to watch one explaining subtracting and crossing 10. 


We are really excited for our science day this week where we will be exploring everyday materials in more depth. We will begin by studying Charles Macintosh and his invention of the raincoat. We will be having a go at creating our own waterproof materials and testing them to see which worked best. We will then be using different materials to design and make a boat. We will test the effectiveness of our designs by adding weights onto them and seeing how much they can handle before they sink! 

In R.E we are having a look at the Muslim naming ceremony, when a new baby is born. We will be considering the practices and traditions that make up the ceremony, as well as thinking about our own names and what they mean. If you know the meaning behind your child’s name please share this with them.

Stars of the week

Class 7 Lucas

Class 8 Olly

Class 9 Hector

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