Reception week 8

Last week we learnt about the Elli animal the unicorn and how it helps us to use our imaginations and be creative. The children have enjoyed making unicorn masks and using a variety of collage materials to make their own unicorns.  We have continued our phonics learning and have been practising hearing and reading the words that can be made by blending the phonemes together. In mathematics we have been learning all about the numbers 1 – 5 and representing them in different ways. Please look out for them in the environment and think about them in relation to your lives. Eg house numbers, number of children etc.

Home reading

This week we will be sharing reading books with each child and assessing their knowledge and application of the phonics that we have taught so far. 

In school we will be using ‘real’ reading books but initially we will be asking you to use our online reading scheme to support reading at home. This is because most children will start on the same level of reading book and we do not have enough books available to quarantine them at this point. Also, in case of future quarantining or lockdowns it will be helpful to be familiar with the use of this resource. We have been using this scheme for whole class reading in school so the children are familiar with reading from a screen. We are hoping to be able to send some ‘real’ books home shortly.

We will be giving each child a purple reading log book to keep at home. This will have some information in it including your personal login for the ActiveLearn website. Please keep a note of all the reading books that you share with your child along with a positive comment about their reading. We will collect the Log books in at the end of term 2 to support our assessment. If you have any concerns or questions about reading please contact us on our class email addresses.

Evidence Me – Online Learning Profile

We will be emailing you your child’s ‘Learning Profile’ during week 1 of Term 2 so that you can see it and share it with your child, before our parents evenings. 

Most of you have already accepted the email from Evidence Me which will enable us to do this and this weekend we have resent any that have not been accepted. If you have not received yours please check your junk folder and if it is not there let us know. The emails go automatically to the first address on the school contact list, if you would like to change it to a different email address please email your class teacher and let them know the address that you would like to use.

Once you have accepted the email you will also be able to download the parents app and log in using the same email address. This will enable you to send us observations from home. Next term we will be asking you to do this to support specific areas of learning and in the event of having to quarantine at home you will be able to use it to submit home learning .


A lot of people ask us what writedance involves. These videos show the children using gross motor movements to practice making the marks they use in writing.   


This weeks learning

The full plans can be found here for anyone quarantining at home


Elli animals – This week we will continue to learn about the unicorn and how it helps us to be use our imagination to have good ideas, be creative and to solve problems.

We will also be thinking about our responsibilities for looking after each other and keeping each other safe.

Communication and Language

This week we will be learning about alliteration by playing word games using matching initial sounds. Eg making up tongue twisters   ‘Millies marvellous magic mittens’ or silly alien names ‘Ping pang pop’


We will continue to  focus on developing the children’s fine motor and pencil skills by developing the muscles in their hands and fingers through finger rhymes,  Write Dance and the provision of activities such as lego, meccano, threading, playdough and tracing patterns in the classroom. 

We will practising the letter formation of the phonemes that we are learning: c, k, ck

 ( see letter formation sheet here for correct formation of k)

In our PE lessons we will continue to practise following instructions, working together, moving and balancing in a variety of ways. 


We will continue using the story ‘Sugarlump and the Unicorn’ by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks to talk about the Elli unicorn and how it can help us to use our imagination. It is a rhyming story so encourage your children to listen out , predict and join in with the rhyming words. 

This week encourage your children to use their  imagination to think about making wishes, ask ‘What would you wish for?’  

Listen to the story here:    Sugarlump and the unicorn


This week we will be recapping the phonemes s a t p I n m d g and learning the new phonemes c, k ck  

We will use these phonemes to blend words such as: 

can, cap, cat, kid, kit, kim, kick, sack, pick, sick, pack, 


 We will be reading individually with each child and allocating them a home reading book from our online reading scheme. 

Please read the information about home reading above.

Practise reading captions using the phonemes Satpin using this Twinkl resource.

Blending SATPIN words


This week we will continue learning about the numbers 1 – 5 representing them in different ways and using songs and rhymes to find one more and one less within 5. 

We will introduce the ‘Part part whole ‘ recording format to show how the numbers can be portioned in different ways.

  Part-Whole Blank A4 Templates

Understanding the World 

People and communities: 

Ongoing – Thank you to everyone that has already sent us ‘All about Me’  photos. If you have not done this yet it is not too late. 

The World: 

Talking about Harvest festival and singing Cauliflowers fluffy (outside!) Discuss where our food comes from. Sharing food – food collection for Salvation Army.


We will be using iPads to introduce Todo maths and the new mathematics apps: bond builder and matching pairs.


We will continue to share our ‘All about me’ photos and think about making good choices. 

Expressive Arts

This week we will be finishing our unicorn artwork. We will be singing number rhymes and harvest songs (outside) and using Write dance to practise our mark making skills.

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