Term 2, week 2

Welcome to week 2 of term 2! We have had a busy week getting back into routine and we have all shown we can use our ‘stickability’ to create some fantastic work. I really wanted to celebrate this week the wonderful letter formation and of course the creative tortoises- we have all shown some amazing resilience. Here is a sneak peak of our amazing tortoises we have on display.

This week we are continuing to think about our story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ and how we can use our stickability when learning. Why not discuss with your children at home how they can use their ‘stickability’ when in school and at home.


Evidence me Learning Profiles

Hopefully you  have all received an email containing the observations that we have made of your child’s learning during term 1.  If you click on the individual photos you will be able to see the notes linked to the photograph.

Next term we will be asking you to contribute to the Learning Profiles by submitting photographs and observations linked to specific areas of learning. You can do this very easily using the app on your phone. 

Please look out on the blog for each weeks observation challenge.

This week’s observation challenge  – Please send us an observation of your child making  repeating patterns using any resources that interest them. (Eg, toy cars, buttons, leaves. cups) They could choose 2, 3 or even more different types of colour, shape or size to make their pattern. Please indicate in your notes how much support was given. 

You can also use the app to share WOW moments when your child does something that is very special for them such as learning a new skill or doing something very helpful or kind. Please begin these observations with the word WOW and we will celebrate them with the class.

In the same way you can share special family times and celebrations that we will also share with the class. Please begin these observations with the word CELEBRATION.


Thank you to everyone who has already logged on to the ActiveLearn website and accessed their child’s reading books. 

If you have lost your log in or are having any other difficulties please let us know.

On Friday, after reading during the week with all the children, we allocated everyone 2 new reading books on the ActiveLearn website.  Please try to read these daily with your child in the same way that you would use a ‘real’ book. Remember that your child needs to reread the same book many  times, in order to develop confidence, comprehension and fluency.  When you feel you have reached this point you can close the book by clicking on the cross.

Parents Evenings

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday or Thursday evening (even if it is on a screen) for your first parents evening.

This weeks learning

The full plans can be found here for anyone quarantining at home:


Elli animals – This week we will continue using the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’  to learn about the tortoise and how it helps us to have resilience and perseverance.

Continuing our theme of ‘Celebrating Difference’, we will be sharing more of our All about me photographs. This week we will be thinking about how each of us is unique and special but we belong together in our class.

Communication and Language

This week we will reread the story of The Hare and the tortoise’ and retell it remembering the sequence of events. We will think about other vocabulary  that we can use to talk about stickability. Eg persistence, resilience, keep trying.

We will continue to play games to develop our speaking and listening skills. Some children will do this in smaller groups.

We will also devote time to supporting the children in play to extend their ideas and develop speaking and listening skills.


In our PE lessons we will continue to focus on working together and different ways of jumping safely.

We will continue with our WriteDance sessions and also do some Indian Dancing linked to our Diwali celebrations.


This week we will continue to use the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ by Brian Wildsmith to talk about the Elli tortoise and how it can help us to develop’ stickability.’


This week we will be recapping all the phonemes that we learnt last term s a t p I n m d g c,k,ck and learning the new phonemes r h b    

We will use these phonemes to blend (read) and segment (spell) CVC words 

Tricky words:

We will also be learning the ‘Tricky’ words I, go and no  that cannot be blended but need to be learnt by sight.


We will be reading individually with each child and allocating them a home reading book from our online reading scheme. 


This week we will build on our sorting activities and use the items that we sort to make repeating patterns. We will use a variety of characteristics for our sorting eg: colour , shape, size. We will also print repeating patterns.

We will continue to learn number bonds to 5 by investigating how we can make 5 in different ways. This week we will record this on 5s frames. As a challenge we will do some problem solving to find missing numbers when we are thinking about number bonds to 5. Eg 3+? +5.

Understanding the World 

People and communities: 

Ongoing – We are continuing to share everyones ‘All about me ‘photos with the class.

We will also be learning about the Indian Festival of Divali.

The World: 

Ongoing = We will continue to use books and the internet to find out some facts about tortoises.


We will be using iPads to introduce Todo maths and 2 new mathematics apps: bond builder and matching pairs. We will introduce the learning Resource Purple Mask on the computer.


We will continue to share our ‘All about me’ photos and will be thinking about family celebrations and learning about Diwali.

Expressive Arts

This week we will be continuing to use our stickability to make collage tortoises for our Elli displays. In Maths we will be focusing on repeating patterns, we will be using this to design our own shape repeating patterns, using a range of media. 

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