Year 1 Term 2 Week 4

We had a great week last week talking about how to be a good friend. We also put our thoughts into actions and used our ideas throughout the whole curriculum during the week. Brad 40 in our superhero book was being a good friend, finding out ways to help not just those in his class but also the whole world!! The Mayor helped out too after we wrote some emails to him! Each class also made their advent wreath, ready to start the count down to Christmas…

As a school we have been invited to join in with a Christmas Art Installation for the Henleaze Christmas Windows. As a year group we will be contributing to this in school but also offer a home challenge to produce an angel to go in our trees. This has been opened up to the whole school. Please click on the link below to get some ideas. We would need the angels bringing in by Friday 11th December.

Click here for more info and Angel Ideas

  • Remember to click the link to plans below if your child is needing to self-isolate but is well. Please email the class email address if you find yourself in this position and are unsure.
  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a warm, waterproof coat each day.

Year 1 Learning Week 4, Term 2 – Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.

Whole Class Text – ‘Send for a Superhero’, By Michael Rosen and Katherine McEwen (Final week)

*Don’t forget to write your keywords into your Sound and Keyword book.

Phonics /spelling Daily Introduction of Phase 5 Phonics:  

Alternative spellings for igh: ie (tie )   i _e (mine )    i (find )     y (sky)
Teach HFW to link with graphemes: time, inside, cried, fly, by, find, I’m
Other words to use: pie, tie, cried, tried, fried, replied, like, time, pine, ripe, shine, slide, prize, invite, inside, find, mind, wild, child, kind, behind, remind, by, my, why, try, dry, sky, fry, reply

Spell: people, looked, called, asked and use in dictated sentences.

Focus of flashcards for phase 3 recap – ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er 

Vocabulary: phoneme, sounds, blend, consonant, vowel, letter, word, sentence

Writing: Composition: Story Mapping, Identify Beginning, Middle and End of a story and Story Retell

  • Begin to extend sentences to include extra information with some encouragement. 
  • Using correct formation for most letters and spelling some simple CEW correctly. 
  • Use full stops correctly at the end of each sentence.
  • Create and use a simple story map.
  • Using knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of a shared story, write a simple retell.

Reading: Change home books on the designated day of the week.

  • Read as part of a group and/or individually, recognising and joining in with predictable phrases.
  • Whole class reading – continue to explore prediction and inference.
  • I can look for patterns in words.
  • Look at fluency and comprehension at differentiated levels.
  • Read accurately by blending sounds in unfamiliar words. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • To use the symbols + and = to record addition number sentences.
  • To understand that subtraction is not commutative.
  • Be aware of key difficulty points.

Mental Oral/Warm Up:

  • Recall of addition facts within 10 (every day).
  • Bonds to 10/20.
  • Tens and ones – for teen numbers.

Key difficulty points:

  • Subtraction problems involving 0 as either a part or a whole – work them through with physical apparatus to model.
  • Understanding that the ‘whole’ will be the biggest number – it can help to draw that circle slightly bigger – than the parts.
  • Varying orientation of part-part-whole diagrams are also good to use.

Wider Curriculum

PE:  LO: To master fundamental movement skills.
Static balance – seated.
I can help, praise and encourage others in their learning.
I can work sensibly with others, taking turns and sharing.
New theme and warm up Fun in the Jungle introducing moving like different animals from the jungle. 

Music – Untuned instruments / link to weather.
LO: To name, experiment with and select untuned instruments to create weather sounds
Following last week’s body percussion we are staying with percussion and introducing untuned instruments. 

Science and DT – Weather
LO: I can observe, describe and record the weather, I can measure and record information about rainfall
Discuss why it is important to study the weather and why weather forecasts are useful (to who?). Cover famous meteorologists and introduce the rain gauge. 

PSHE – Celebrating Difference
LO: I can recognise unkind behaviour and what to do about it.
Following on from Friendship week activities.

LO: Use the right names  for things that are special to Christians; 
To learn about how Christmas is celebrated by different Christians around the world.  
Recap the story of the nativity. Can the children remember the correct order- sequencing activity in pairs? How do Christians celebrate in different countries around the world?

Stars of the Week

Class 4 Lyla

Class 5 Florie

Class 6 Imogen

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