Term 2 Final Week!


  • We will be welcoming some special visitors to our school on Tuesday 15th December in the morning. We will take lots of pictures. We’re very excited! We will spend part of this time outside so please make sure your child has warm and waterproof clothes and coats on.
  • School Christmas Parties are on  this Thursday 17th December. We have already sent separate information by parent mail about bringing in food for your child. The children are invited  to wear party clothes.
  • Friday 18th December is our last day of term. The children can bring in a donation for FHIS and wear their own clothes on this day.
  • Remember to click the link to plans below if your child is needing to self-isolate but is well. Please email the class email address if you find yourself in this position and are unsure.
  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a warm, waterproof coat each day.

Thank you all for 2 great terms of good health and fun. Have a safe and very happy Christmas. We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Year 1 Learning Week 7, Term 2 – Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.


Phonics /spelling  Daily (4x sessions) 
Alternative spellings for long Vowels taught this term Recap, Activities and Assessments
Additional Phonics:  Phase 5 Flash cards    and recap phase 3/4 common missed  ones from assessments.  BLENDING and SEGMENTING in every session.
Spelling: Assessments of words from Term 2
Vocabulary: phoneme, sounds, blend, consonant, vowel, letter, word, sentence

Writing: Composition – Writing Instructions

  • Recap from previous writing about use of language. First, Then, Next, Now and Finally. 
  • Physically sequence 5 main points that are needed for good handwashing using pictures and keywords.
  • Write a sequence of instructions using pictures and numbered points.

Reading: – Change home books on the designated day of the week.

  • Whole class: Read children a range of stories and non-fiction books discussing what is read and linking to personal experience. Discuss word meanings.

Reading Carousel Time – Individual reading with all children. Other activities to include following written instructions ( linked to Maths ) to complete various pencil control and scissors control Christmas decoration and  craft activities.


Mental Oral/Warm Up

  • Recall of addition facts within 10 (every day)
  • Recognise numbers to 20
  • Tens and ones practice for teen numbers
  • Show them numbers – ask how many tens/ones
  • Snappy maths x1

Learning Objectives:

  • To know there are 7 days in a week and name them (and spell)
  • To know there are 12 months in a year and name them
  • To know there are 4 seasons (Linked to Science Objectives: cross curricular)

Wider Curriculum

PE- Santa’s Reindeer workout
LO:  To master fundamental movement skills.
        Static balance – seated.
        I can help, praise and encourage others in their learning.
        I can work sensibly with others, taking turns and sharing.
One off  theme and warm up: Santa’s Reindeer Workout introducing moving like a herd and working sensibly with others. Incorporate turns and direction in warm up c/c Maths and Computing. Forwards, backwards, left, right and quarter turns. Continue static balance skills from our current PE unit. 

Geography and D/T – Follow on from previous work, as a year group to create a model of Henleaze.
LO: I can design purposeful and functional products based on design criteria.
      I can select from and use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks. 
      I can select from and use a wide range of materials and components according to their characteristics.

Stars of the Week

Class 4 Grayson
Class 5 Amy
Class 6 Maddie

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