Year 2 Home Learning – Term 4, Week 2 (w.b. 1.3.21)

Welcome to your final week of home learning! Well done everyone for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to see you all next week!

We hope you enjoy your final week at home. We will be very busy in school getting everything prepared for your return. This means we will not be able to give feedback on submitted work this week. We will be asking for children to bring in their home learning so that we can celebrate their work in school.

This is the week of World Book Day. You are invited to dress up for your class story time and on Thursday 4th March  for your learning whether you are in or out of school. We are looking forward to seeing all the characters you choose to dress up as! Please send a photo to your class email if you can so we can print them off when we are back at school next week.

Mrs Fricker’s assembly this week introduces some resources from the WBD site and has a dramatised story to enjoy. Click here to watch.

The science task on Monday requires a trip to the garden or local green space so please think about if this is possible before you start the lesson. If it is not possible there are some pictures you can print off to use instead. Please find these here


Well Being

Connect – Send a card or message to someone in your class to let them know something you’re looking forward to doing together when you’re back at school next week.

Spelling: Suffix Recap

This week we will do some activities to recap the application of the suffixes er, est, ing and ed.

Start by looking through this PowerPoint.


Today look at the alternative pronunciation for ow (down): snow (oa)

Task 1: Word Level Writing – Rhyming Words

Learning Objectives:
To use the ending of words to decide whether 2 or more words rhyme.
-To use knowledge of phonics for the ending of words.

Main Activity: Choose whether to follow the video lesson or the PowerPoint to think about words that rhyme with Ronald the Rhino to help! At the end of these you are given choices of sheets (Rhyming Word Sheet 1 OR Rhyming Word Sheet 2 ) to complete. If you don’t want to print them out then just copy the words into your book to complete.

After this lesson, watch Miss Simmons reading the Julia Donaldson book Monkey Puzzle’. Can your child write a list of all of the rhyming words they hear in the story? 

Task 2: Maths – Draw and Sort 2D Shapes

Learning Objective: Apply knowledge of properties to draw, compare and sort 2D shapes.

All of today’s resources can be found here.

Please start with the fluency activity and Flashback 4.

There are two tutorial videos to work through today, one for drawing 2D shapes and one for sorting 2D shapes. The worksheets are here and here (if this is too much for your child, please use this shortened version as a reduced challenge).

Extra Challenge: Try these Challenge Cards

Task 3: Science

Learning Objective: Identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited. To explore and compare differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive.

Task: listen to the lesson here, find the sorting sheet and the lesson slides here


Well Being

Take notice – Back to school wellbeing sheet.


Try this worksheet.


 Today look at the alternative pronunciation for ie (pie): field (ee)

Task 1: Writing a short rhyming poem

Learning Objectives:
-To use knowledge of rhyming words to use a simple scaffold to compose a poem using rhyme.
-To use own experiences and pictures as stimuli.

Main Activity: As we prepare to come back to school next week, we are going to imagine what our classrooms should look like! Our poems will be called ‘Peepo’! Choose whether to follow the voiced over PowerPoint or the PowerPoint to gain ideas to compose a simple rhyming poem using a scaffold. You can directly write onto a printed out scaffold or copy and write directly into your books. Send a copy to your teacher through google classroom.

Extra Challenge: You can carry on and write as many verses as you wish.

Task 2:  Maths – Lines of Symmetry

Learning Objective: Identify vertical line symmetry in 2D shapes.

All of today’s resources can be found here.

Please start with having a play on Bubble Bonds on Purple Mash (see your 2Dos) and Flashback 4.

Watch the tutorial, you will need the worksheet ready.

Reduced Challenge: Find this app in your Purple Mash 2Do list. Practise drawing shapes and other pictures using symmetry.

Extra Challenge: Complete this additional tutorial and worksheet for Drawing the Whole.

Task 3: PE – Static Balance

Learning Objective: Balance on a line or low beam with a good stance for a sustained period of time. Explore ways to balance on a line with developing fluency and minimum wobbling.

This week, we will continue to develop our tightrope walking skills through Jasmine! Continue to use the ‘Tightrope’ theme and build upon you learning from last week. If you missed last week or are unsure, refer to last week’s introduction. Remember to go through the warm up and story and build upon what you did last week. Try out a new game and try and build up your skill level from yellow to green to red!

Last week, we were delighted to receive the runner up prize for Real PE at home! 

This means that, out of the local schools using Real PE at home, Henleaze Infants had the 2nd most logins! Well done to everyone; we’re so pleased that so many of you are enjoying the Jasmine resources. Remember that you can continue to use Jasmine as much as you like once we’re back at school! 


Well Being

Exercise – Joe Wickes Spiderman workout


Try this worksheet.


Today look at the alternative pronunciation for ea (sea): head (e)

Task 1: Reading Comprehension

Choose one of the 3 differentiated comprehension tasks all about World Book Day. Differentiated  Reading Comprehensions  You can also have a go at this World Book Day Wordsearch.

Task 2: Maths – World Book Day Challenge

Tomorrow is World Book Day so we have a story based challenge for you to try.

Have a go at solving the Mystery of the Story Ending (similar to the challenge we tried for Chinese New Year). If you’d like Mrs Bishop to talk you through it, the tutorial is in two parts: Part 1, Part 2.

Task 3: RE and PSHE

RE Learning Objective: Begin to understand that Christians believe that Jesus is God’s son and will be able to  recall one of Jesus’  parables and explain its message.

Listen to the lesson here, click here for the link to the parable The Lost Sheep.

Here are the lesson slides and the story sequencing task.  

PSHE Learning Objective: Think about what relaxed means and to know some things that make me feel relaxed and some that make me feel stressed. 

Click here for the video lesson and here for the lesson slides.


Well Being

Keep learning – Colour in some of these to encourage yourself or a friend Resilience postcards


Try this worksheet.


 Today look at the alternative pronunciation for er (farmer): herb

Task 1: Writing – World Book Day – Book Review

Learning Objectives:
-Create a book review about a favourite book.
-Use the success criteria to make sure you include all the important parts of a good review.

Main Activity: Follow the PowerPoint or video lesson to find out more about this special day and then about completing a book review using a book of your choice.We would like you to bring these in so that we can make some books of them altogether for our library. You can choose the format that you want to use. Book Review Sheet or Colour Review. There is also a sheet that you could use for a non-fiction book. You can if you wish just follow the slide which shares what you could have in your review and make your own. Don’t do this work in your book. Do it on paper so it can be shared in our book.

Extra Activities: World Book Day Top 5s       Scavenger Hunt       My Costume

Task 2: Maths – Patterns with 2D Shapes

Please submit a picture of your work to Google Classroom! This could be of your worksheet or of the reduced/extra challenge.

Learning Objective: Use knowledge of 2D shapes to recognise and create repeating patterns.

All of today’s resources can be found here.

Please start with these Roald Dahl themed word problems (choose 2 star or 1 star challenges). You don’t need to print these unless you wish to! Remember to pick out the important bits of information and draw pictures to help you! Please also complete the Flashback 4.

Watch the tutorial, you will need the worksheet ready.

Reduced Challenge: Complete the shape patterns by cutting and sticking the shapes. You could challenge yourself to add colour to your patterns too!

Extra Challenge: Create your own shape patterns! You could even challenge yourself to create a piece of art using shape patterns. You might like to use stencils or make potato stampers to help you. Or you could cut shapes out to make a collage! Remember your patterns don’t have to go straight across your page and your unit of repeat can be more than 2 shapes.

Task 3: History

Learning Objective: Use a range of resources to research the recent landing on Mars.

Click here for the video and here for the lesson slides. 


Well Being


Choose some activities to try from this PowerPoint.Try and complete at least two.


Today look at the alternative pronunciation for ou (out): shoulder

Task 1: Handwriting

Before you start any of the handwriting activities, please make sure your child does some fine and gross motor warm up activities. Click the links for some ideas: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4 (for this warm up you will need play dough).

There are 2 handwriting sheets this week. They practise spelling of common exception words and focus on joining. Please ensure your child is starting and finishing the letters in the correct place, especially when joining. 

Sheet 1 

Sheet 2

If your child is not yet joining digraphs, please watch this video lesson

Task 2: Maths – Fluency

We’ve set some activities on Purple Mash to recap and practise addition and subtraction (see you 2Do list)..

These activities are good starters:

These are more advanced:

Task 3: Elli Time!

Take some time to learn through play! Which Elli animal will you be like today?

Well done everyone! We look forward to seeing you next week.

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