Term 4, Week 5

Welcome back to week 5. We have had a great week in Reception learning about the fruit in Handa’s basket, although we did have to substitute a kiwi fruit for the guava! The children have drawn some amazing still life pictures of the basket of fruit, and used descriptive words to  talk and write about their favourite fruits and why they like them. We also made  picturegrams of our favourite fruits with Mangos winning by far! We have seen some great fruit salads that have been made at home, thank you for supporting us with this activity.

We have also enjoyed using Purple mash on the iPads to  make our own picturegrams and a great team building activity where we had to work like busy bees to build a tower of plastic cups!

Thank you also for all your donations for Red Nose Day the children all looked great in their red clothes.


Next week, for the last 3 days of term, we will be having another whole school focus. This time we will be using the book ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michel Rosen to introduce the theme of chocolate. Our Easter observation challenge  next weekend will be to make and decorate  some chocolate cup cakes so add the ingredients to your shopping lists!

This week’s Learning

If you have to self isolate at home but are well, the full plans are available for week 5 here


This week we will be thinking about how what we say to others is really important, and how to be kind with our words.

We will continue to do our Daily Wellbeing Activities, and will be making sure that everyone feels happy, secure and settled in school.

Communication and Language

This week we will be reading the story ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapiti  Plain’ by Verna Aardema and joining in with the repeated words and rhythms. Watch and listen to the story Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain here.


Dynamic balance to agility. We will be following Jasmine PE to perfect jumping and landing skills.

We will be using playdoh and small resources to build more control of our writing muscles.



This week we will be revisiting the phonemes and digraphs we have been learning at home and in school. We will be using these to write words and captions. 

We will also be recapping all the phase 2 and 3  tricky words that we have learnt.

Spellings: are, her, they


This week we will be assessing the children’s phonic knowledge and skills and recognition of tricky words. Please support your children by continuing to practise these at home. 

Please try to read with your child for 10 minutes every day.

Do not worry if you have already had this book from our online reading scheme over lockdown, rereading  is important in order to become more fluent readers. This will encourage children to blend words in their head and to be able to re-read sentences after blending. 


This week we will be doing a writing assessment. This will be a short dictated sentence for the children to write e.g. I went to the shop with my Mum and Dad. 

Letter formation: g, q, s, f


This week we will be using a variety of activities to assess the children’s key number skills from 0 – 20. These will  include: Recognising, counting, ordering and writing numbers, Knowing what is one more or one less than a given number and recalling some simple addition facts.

We will also be revisiting the Days of the Week and the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Understanding the World


We will be listening to songs in Twi and Yoruba as we explore African languages.

The World 

We will be looking at drought and reminding children that some parts of Africa are rainforest. 


We will be playing odd one out with pictures of African animals.


This week we will be doing assessment and looking back at our learning about the special food eaten at a Passover Meal.

Expressive Arts

This week we will be focusing on junk modelling. We will be listening to and singing African songs.

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