Year 1 Week 1 Term 5

Welcome back Year 2!


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Winners of our Egg Decorating and Rolling Competition

Class 4
Best Decorated: Sophie H
Farthest Rolled: Eva

Class 5
Best Decorated: Isabella H
Farthest Rolled: Teddy

Class 6
Best Decorated: Milo
Farthest Rolled: Nathan


  • We need junk modelling for Bridge building for Tuesday of Week 1, Tubes and newspaper are the best.

Term 5 PE Days:
Class 4 Monday and Thursday
Class 5
Monday and Wednesday
Class 6
Monday and Thursday

  • Welcome back and welcome to Term 5. We hope you enjoyed your Easter break. 
  • Our new topic for Term 5  is : Bristol and  Brunel
  • We will be continuing with putting our Year1 production together during the first weeks of this term and look forward to sharing it with you.
  • Remember to click the link to plans and resources below if your child is needing to self-isolate but is well. Please email the class email address if you find yourself in this position and are unsure.
  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a waterproof coat each day.

Year 1 Learning Week 1, Term 5– Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.

Daily WellBeing Activities:

Monday – Connect – Give your friend instructions to draw something on their whiteboard. (eg Y1 a hot air balloon; Y2 a wild animal)
Tuesday – Take notice – Talk through these:
Tell me how you feel sheets
Wednesday – Be active – Fun Spring Dance workout
Thursday – Try something new – Talk through these Resilience cards together. Colour in a set to remind you.
Friday – Give –
Tell your partner what you are thankful for about being at school


Phonics /Spelling/ Daily Revision of Phase 5a and introduction of Phase 5b Phonics:
Teach Phase 5b – alternative pronunciations    i (fin, find)     o  (hot,cold)    c  (cat, circus)     g  (got, giant)  + Handwriting, joining digraphs and dictated sentences.

Additional Phonics: Phase 5a revision Flash cards, BLENDING and SEGMENTING every day. Precision teaching where required for individuals.
Spelling: Words using phonics from above and…
Key Words: don’t,  here, old,  made, saw,  about, came, very, your, make, put
 word, finger space, sentence, punctuation, lower case, capital, full stop, adjective.

Writing: Composition – Text: ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’ by Andrea Beaty
Session 1
Starting Point: Share the story about Rosie.
Nouning Around: Look at the key vocabulary (nouns) on cards and work together to sort and label the construction materials/elements e.g. cog, pulley, crank, level, lever, road, tower, pillar, column, engine, pivot, chain, gorge, river. Use these in sentences.
Sessions 2&3
Special delivery! A letter has arrived from Rosie asking for the children’s help. Make a leaflet all about your special bridge.

Reading: Whole Class Focus – Dinosaurs – Non Fiction
Includes questions about the layout and how to use a non-fiction text, use of phonics, phase 5 tricky words.
Individual Reading – Read aloud accurately books that are consistent with developing phonic knowledge and that do not require use of other strategies to work out words.
Extended Challenge – Develop their comprehension skills and recording answers to questions about a written text. Explore inference and discuss as part of a group.

Please also continue to use Pearson books online for additional material. Books will be changed weekly  on specific days for your child.

Maths – Money

LO:To recognise that money has a value.
To recognise coins and know their value.
To represent coins using tens and ones
To add coins together to find the total.
To make amounts within £1, by using knowledge of tens and ones.
To start to find ways of making amounts to £1 using the fewest possible coins.

Wider Curriculum

PE- Physical Skills – Ball skills and Travel
LO: I can perform a sequence of movements with some changes in level, direction or speed.
 I can perform a range of skills with control and consistency.

Science and D&T-
Session 1 –Look at our powerpoint about different bridges  to see about different types of bridges.Label the different bridges on your sheet.  Now look at the advert for a competition to design a bridge to cross the Bristol Gorge. Click here for Bridge Advert.

The Clifton Suspension bridge needs to be closed for a while and a replacement is needed. How would you do this? Draw a few ideas.  Design and label your bridge on the proforma given ready for your writing lessons later this week.. 

Session 2 -Now work in groups to make a model of your chosen design.  Use a range of construction materials to make a model of the bridge. Test it out with toys, toy cars. Build it between 2 tables or chairs. Could you make your bridge stronger, longer?…. Extend to show on your plan any changes you have made. Take photos for use in English work.

PSHE-  Relationships
LO: I know when I need help and how to ask for it
 I know who can help me in my school and community

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