Year 1 Learning Week 5 Term 5


  • You will soon be able to see some of the wonderful things not only Year 1 got up to but the whole of the school during our Enrichment week. Look out for the link. Thank you to FHIS for helping to fund the wonderful Travelling Light Theatre Company that worked with each class last Wednesday..
  • This week, we will be filming our production of ‘The Litter Muncher’. We ask that all children come in their own clothes (non-uniform and not PE kit)  on Wednesday and Friday  as they will be citizens of Lazy Daisy Village! 
  • Remember to click the link to plans and resources below if your child is needing to self-isolate but is well. Please email the class email address if you find yourself in this position and are unsure.
  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a waterproof coat each day.

Year 1 Learning Week 5, Term 5– Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.

Daily Well Being Activities

Monday – Connect – Are you more like …with Blazer Fresh
Tuesday – Take notice –
Be mindful of your fruit at fruit time – describe the colour/ taste/ texture. you could make a guessing game out of it.
Wednesday – Be active –
Move and Freeze
Thursday – Try something new – Courageous people who changed the world
Friday – Give – How do they feel? Being kind means thinking about how others are feeling. How would you be kind to the children in these pictures?


Phonics /Spelling/ Daily Mastery of Phase 5a and  Phase 5b Phonics (See daily phonics powerpoints).
Look at Real and Nonsense Words using skills of Blending and Segmenting
Additional Phonics:
Phase 3 and  5a revision Flash cards, BLENDING and SEGMENTING every day. Precision teaching where required for individuals.
Keywords:  Read and Spell:  
because, school, live, give,  gone, every, giant, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
 word, finger space, sentence, punctuation, lower case, capital, full stop, adjective, rhyme

Writing – Composition
Session 1 Introduce the story and watch short video clip and create some drama scenarios to help think about the different characters.
Session 2 Think about questions that each of the 4 main characters would ask during the story. Write questions using question marks correctly.
Session 3 Create a story map and word bank of the story, ready to retell the story next week.

Whole Class Reading – Julia Donaldson – ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.
Read through text together and look at comprehension and inference objectives. Use rhyme to help with tricky words. Complete tasks to show comprehension.
Individual Reading – Read aloud accurately books that are consistent with developing phonic knowledge and that do not require use of other strategies to work out words.
Guided Reading Groups – Develop their comprehension skills and the recording of answers to questions after discussion as a group. Use of playscripts and traditional tales.

Please also continue to use Pearson books online for additional material. Books will be changed weekly  on specific days for your child.

Maths – Division as Sharing

Learning Objectives:

  • To share objects equally between a number of groups.
  • To solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with the support of the teacher.

Wider Curriculum


We will also be filming our dance routines, singing and narration for our Year 1 play The Litter Muncher. All the children have chosen how they want to take part. Once filming is complete, as a year group we will put all the classes work together to create our Year group production. Watch this space!

D&T: Make a Thaumatrope
LO: I can follow instructions to make an object.
I can think about how life has changed over time and can develop an awareness of the past.

Ask the children to think about and discuss their lives. What do they do – school, sports, clubs, play, go to the park etc. Compare their lives to the lives of Victorian children using the ppt Thaumatrope images. Complete DT activity by following the instructions on how to make a thaumatrope.

History: Look at how hospitals have changed over time.
LO: I can think about how life has changed over time and I can develop an awareness of the past.

Use the ppt Victorian hospitals to discuss how hospitals have changed over time. Encourage the children to look at the images of Victorian hospitals and compare them to the children’s own experiences of hospitals, doctors and dentists. Can they see any differences. Relate to our recent Healthy Me unit in PSHE. Complete the sorting sentences activity.

RE: The Christian Creation Story
LO: I know the Christian Bible account of creation and that Christians believe God made the world but have different ideas about how he did it.
I can show respect for different views.

Watch the clip of the Creation story and use the ppt The Judeo / Chritian Creation story to discuss different beliefs about where the world came from.Allow the children to explore their own views, ensuring respect for all views. 

Stars of the Week

Class 4 Sophie H
Class 5 Izzy B
Class 6 Mabel

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