Year 2 – Term 5, Week 5


  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a waterproof coat each day.
  • Please continue to use Bug Club books, as well as those your child is bringing home. 

Week 4 celebrations 

We have had a wonderful enrichment week focusing on the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. A particular highlight for the children (and staff!) was having the Travelling Light Theatre Company spend time with each class. Thank you to FHIS for funding it. (Please see individual class blogs for photos of your child’s class).

Star of the week

Class 7 – Isabel B

Class 8 – Leo T

Class 9 – Jake

Week 5 



For the next two weeks, we are going to be using the story ‘The Tin Forest’ as our writing stimulus. The children are going to be writing sentences about the book focusing on using possessive apostrophes. We are then going to go on a sensory walk where the children will take notes about what they can see, hear, smell and feel. The next day, they will write a recount of their walk using lots of descriptive language and  sequential words (e.g. finally, next, later).


In reading this week, we will answer a mixture of retrieval and inference questions so children can apply their skills learnt in the previous few weeks. We will also practise reading for the listener so it would be great if you could encourage your child to do some reading aloud at home this week.

Focus spellings: move, prove, improve, father, sugar, sure, eye, again, half, even

Please practise these at home with your child.


This week we will focus on using the suffix ‘ing’ correctly and recap using more exciting adjectives in our writing.

Action words ending with -ing - Learning English


In maths this week, we are going to be learning about mass, capacity and volume. We will be using scales to compare different weights, looking at both grams and kilograms. As well as comparing containers to see what their capacity is and making predictions about which containers might hold more liquid. This week we will be looking at milliliters and next week we will be introducing liters. 



Year 2 will continue to monitor the plants we have used in our experiment to find out whether they need light and water to grow.  The children will also continue to record the progress of the seeds they planted by completing a ‘Seed Diary’.  This will entail drawing and measuring their plants as they grow.

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In RE this week, we will be learning about why Eid is celebrated by Muslims and look at some of the traditions that are observed.


This week we will be starting our topic ‘Relationships’ and talking about the role of a family.  We will be discussing the fact that families come in all shapes and sizes but that they all require sharing and cooperation.


The children will sit with a partner with their feet together, lean in together and then apart.  They will be focusing on maintaining balance throughout.

Please click here to access the planning if you are self isolating.

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