Year 1 Learning Term 6 Week 2


This Term: Animalia

  • Thank you for all your wonderful efforts last week with our 150 Day. We all had lots of fun. It was so good to have a whole day thinking all about Maths and numbers. 
  • Remember to click the link to plans and resources below if your child is needing to self-isolate but is well. Please email the class email address if you find yourself in this position and are unsure.
  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a waterproof coat each day.

Year 1 Learning Week 2, Term 6– Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.

Daily Well Being Activities

Monday – Connect – Play the Empathy game
Tuesday – Take notice – Notice a rainbow of colours around the classroom or go for a walk around the playground. (Record on an this A5 sheet if you want to)
Wednesday – Be active –
 Guess the pet workout
Thursday – Try something new – Watch these clips about having a growth mindset Growth mindset clip; Beans clip and colour in some bunting to remind you about it.
Friday – Give –
Tell someone in your class things you like about them, or love to do with them.


Phonics /Spelling/ Daily Mastery of Phase 5c Phonics (See daily phonics powerpoints).
Teach Phase 5c – alternative pronunciations 
s u     ow      ie      eer
Look at Real and Nonsense Words using skills of Blending and Segmenting
Additional Phonics:
Phase 3 and  5a/b revision Flash cards, BLENDING and SEGMENTING every day. Precision teaching where required for individuals.

Reading: bow, field, sea, but, castle
Spelling: five, six, seven, eight, were, down, them, look, I’ts, don’t

Vocabulary:  word, finger space, sentence, punctuation, lower case, capital, full stop, adjective, noun

Writing – Composition
Session 1: Share poems about dads. Are there any useful ideas there? Refer also to their colouring sheets with adjectives too. Sentence starters can be used for the children to complete. 
Session 2 : Use a writing frame for children to copy using best handwriting, their sentences composed in previous session.  Children need to complete by signing off, Love From……
Session 3:  Children to complete their child view for their report. Look through format on screen and talk through importance for best work and neatness and the purpose of the write, reporting to mums and dads. 
Handwriting: Including  commonly mis-spelt words in writing books from spelling tests last term.   Linked to  phonics by using other words using the alternative spellings. Join all di and trigraphs.

Whole Class Reading – Nonfiction Focus – ‘The Zoo Vet’
Various activities about the vet and the zoo. Reading around different animals and story sequencing.
Individual Reading – Fully decodable books at the level of the children so that they are able to develop fluency. 
Guided Reading Groups – Focus on Fiction

Please also continue to use Pearson books online for additional material. Books will be changed weekly  on specific days for your child.

Maths –  Addition and Subtraction

Compare the size of 2 digit numbers within 100.
Use the symbols <, > and = to compare numbers.
To solve one-step problems relating to addition and subtraction
To add and subtract a 2-digit and a 1-digit number
To record as number sentences using + – and = symbols.
Ext: To solve missing number problems using addition or subtraction.

Wider Curriculum

PE- SHINE Session
Jasmine-  Unit 4 Lesson 2 Ball control and co-ordination and preparation for skills for Sport’s Day. 
LO: I can explore and describe different movements, I can control a ball with 1 or 2 hands
Continue the Clowning around warm up from last week (essentially Simon says) and add the red skill to the two you practiced last week. This introduces a 20 second how many …. can you do? element so you might need a timer. 
Introduce the second of our Sports Day skills. Accurate throwing. Throw a beanbag into a hoop from an increasing distance. 

RE – Why Is Our World Special?
(Session linked to Science and Art)
Why is our world special? Remind the children about their 5 senses and how we use them to help understand the world around us. Discuss the sensory poems then take the children for a walk around the school grounds. What can they see, hear smell etc. Look out for minibeasts and interesting bits of nature. Think about bark rubbing etc for touch. Write a poem as a class.

PSHE: Changing Me
LO: I am starting to understand the life cycle of humans and animals and I understand that changes happen as we grow.
Reinforce the values in the Charter then as a starter play find your pair using the cards. Discuss in their pair any changes that have happened to make the baby on their cards into an adult and share with the class. Calm Me using the script and then learn the song Changing As I Grow. Show the clip  of the lifecycle of the frog and question children about how it might turn from frogspawn into tadpoles. Show photos of yourself at different stages growing up telling your story so far to reinforce that everyone was a child once. Introduce the concept of a lifecycle – linking to our science project and complete the sequencing activity in groups as a discussion. 

Computing – Coding – Use children’s logins to Purple Mash for Coding Program
LO:Lesson 1: ‘Fun with Fish’
To understand what coding means in computing
To understand what is meant by the vocabulary object, command, code, block, debug, design mode used in coding
To create simple (1 or 2 steps) blocks of code
To debug simple mistakes in a piece of code
Lesson 2: ‘Bubbles’
To use the collision detection command

Class 4  Flynn
Class 5  Percy
Class 6  Toby
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