Year 2 – Term 6, Week 5


  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a waterproof coat each day.
  • Please continue to use Bug Club books, as well as those your child is bringing home. 
  • Your child should have brought any lines home that they need to learn for the play (if they have a speaking part). Please help them to learn the lines.
  • This week we are going to be filming the school play on Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th July. Please remember to send your child to school on these days in their costume. The children have worked really hard to remember their lines. Please continue to support them at home to say them using a loud voice. 
  • Please see information below regarding the learning shares on Wednesday 7th July. 

Learning share

We will be inviting one parent for each child to come to our ‘Learning Share’  to be held on the class patios on Wednesday 7th July. This will be a chance for you to look through your child’s work with them. In small groups you will be able to come into the classroom to take a look around and see where all their amazing learning has been taking place. Full social distancing will need to be observed. Please bring a pen with you because you will have the opportunity to complete the parent view for your child’s report whilst you are sharing their work with them.

Class 7 and 9 – 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm (odds)

Class 8 – 9:10 am – 9:55 am (evens)

Week 4 celebrations 

Year 2 went to Henleaze Junior School this week to meet their new teachers and look at the school.  We all had a great afternoon. 

The children enjoyed reviewing the story ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’ in their writing sessions. In maths, the children are learning about time and have been using the clocks in the classroom to notice when it is lunch time, play time and home time. Please encourage your child to use a clock/watch at home to tell the time. 

Star of the week

Class 7 – Billy

Class 8 – Ellis

Class 9 – Billy 

Week 5

This week, we are launching the whole school topic for the rest of the term, Journeys. We will all be using the story Journey by Aaron Becker. You may recognise this story and topic from last years home learning. The topic will support the children’s transition to the junior school. 



This week, we are going to be introducing the story Journey to the children. They will be writing a newspaper article about when the girl arrives at the castle, as well as writing a letter to the author Aaron Becker. We are going to be asking children to include a question and ensure they demarcate it using a question mark.


This week, we will use the story ‘I Am Not Tired and I Will Not Go to Bed’ by Lauren Child to practise our fluency, pitch and timing when reading aloud. As a whole class, we will practise retrieving answers from a text and making inferences using our background knowledge. In whole class reading, the children will individually practise applying these skills as well as practise retelling familiar fairy tales where characters go on a journey. 

Spelling and Grammar: 

We will focus on: correctly using commas in lists, identifying and writing questions and exclamations, and recapping Year 2 spelling and grammar through whole class quizzes.


We are continuing with time this week, thinking about durations of time and comparing start time and end times. They will be using individual clocks and counting in steps of 5 to see how long an event has lasted or when an event started. 


This week, we are going to continue to be thinking about mosques and talk about why they are important and special places for muslims. If your child has been to a mosque and you have any photos that you would be happy to share, please send them to the class email address so we can show them during this week’s RE session. 


This week we are going to be filming the school play! The children have worked really hard to remember their lines. Please continue to support them at home to say them loudly. 


We will continue to think about what happens as we grow older and relate this to our whole school topic, Journeys. 


We are going to be practising the Sports Day races. 

Wellbeing activities

  • Monday – Connect – Things in common. Pair with someone you don’t usually play with and find 3 things you both like.
  • Tuesday – Take notice – Looking forward birds
  • Wednesday – Be active – Can’t stop that feeling dance moves
  • Thursday – Try something new – Think about everything you have to offer to your new class. Fill in this Transition activity
  • Friday – Give – What is something you have learned to do this year? Draw or write it in a thankful cloud.

Please click here to access the planning if you are self isolating.

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