Year 2 – Term 6, Week 6


  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a waterproof coat each day.
  • On Friday, we have the Year 2 treat day kindly funded by FHIS. (Please see more into below under heading ‘Week 6’). Children need to wear their school uniform to school in the morning but can bring a bag with some party clothes in a named bag to change into for the afternoon.
  • Please continue to use Bug Club books, as well as those your child is bringing home. 
  • Thank you for all of your support with the play and costumes. The children looked amazing and we can’t wait to show you the final show. 
  • Please return all reading books that belong to Henleaze Infant School to your class teacher before the end of Term 6.
  • It is Sports Day on Wednesday . Please send all children to school in their PE kit.

Week 5 celebrations 

The children really enjoyed filming for the play and we can’t wait to share the finished product with you once it has been edited. In week 5, the children loved starting the new whole school topic about journeys. It was so lovely to see the children sharing their learning with you on Wednesday. They are really proud of the work they have produced throughout the year, at home and in school. 

Star of the week

Class 7 – Bella

Class 8 – Sami

Class 9 – Hattie

Week 5

We have an exciting week ahead of us. On Thursday, the children will be attending a ‘calm’ space set up by Mrs Brand which will encourage the children to be reflective about the transition to the junior school. On Friday the children are having a treat day to celebrate their time at Henleaze Infant School. It has been kindly funded by FHIS. We have the Explorer Dome in the morning delivering an interactive lesson about the environment and a DJ/party with some snacks in the afternoon. The children will need to be in school uniform for the morning on Friday but can bring a change of clothes in a named bag to change into for the party in the afternoon.



This week, we will be continuing the whole school topic using the story Journey by Aaron Becker. The children will be thinking about their own journey to the junior school and writing a list of questions that we can send to their Year 3 teachers to be answered. The children will also be writing about a journey they have been on and thinking about what they could see, hear, smell and feel. This might be a long journey (e.g. on holiday) or a short journey (e.g. journey to school). 


This week, we will use the story ‘George and the Dragon’ by Chris Wormell to practise our fluency, pitch and timing when reading aloud. As a whole class, we will practise retrieving answers from a text and making inferences using our background knowledge. In whole class reading, the children will individually practise applying these skills through looking at our text ‘Journey’ and Floella Benjamin.

Spelling and Grammar: 

This week, we will work in teams to support each other to correctly spell Year 2 common exception words and words related to our text ‘Journey’.


Week 6 will be a week of consolidating our knowledge of all the different skills we learn in Year 2. The children will be demonstrating their understanding of the four operations, as well as deciding on the most efficient ways to answer different questions. They will also be working as part of a team to solve a mathematical mystery! 


We are going to be learning about spreadsheets this week. The children will use Purple Mash to create a pattern with colours, put numbers in different cells and write a magic number sentence where the computer will work out the answer for them! Please use Purple Mash at home with your child. Each child should have their own log in. The tool we will be using on it is called 2Calculate.


This week we are going to be learning about Windrush and learning about Floella Benjamin.


We will continue to think about what happens as we grow older and relate this to our whole school topic, Journeys. 


We are very excited for Sports Day on Monday! This will be part of the children’s PE learning this week. We will continue to think about balancing in a plank.

Wellbeing activities:

Please click here to access the planning if you are self isolating.

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