Term 1 Week 8


If you are learning from home, you can find links to all of the Y2 learning throughout the blog. Look out for the Italic writing!

  • Please look out for a poster on the classroom doors (if you drop off/pick up) or a letter from the office about our exciting author visit in term 2! We are very excited. More information to follow.
  • It is Black History Month (BHM). As a school we think it is important to acknowledge the month through celebrating black history and stories. KS1 will be joining an online storytelling event with Settle Stories where educator and storyteller Usifu Jalloh will be performing. For more information click here.
  • However, we think it is important to emphasise that our curriculum is broad, diverse and representative of many different groups. Diversity is a golden thread that runs throughout our curriculum and daily school life all year round.
    Here are some resources you could access with your child to celebrate BHM: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/joinin/black-history-month
  • In preparation for Religion and World Views in Week 8, please could you help your child to research the meaning of their name and have a discussion with them about why they were given their name. If your child could write this down and bring this in on Monday 18th October, that would be amazing! 
  • Since Year 2 have been learning about baptism, any Year 2’s and their families who would be interested to see a believers’ baptism this Sunday are invited to Emmanuel Westbury Church (Church of England) at Redmaids’ School. The service starts at 4pm, with several people being baptised outside at around 5pm. Everyone welcome. It’s also going out live on You Tube – here’s the link: Emmanuel Westbury Sunday 17th Oct
  • Homework: You have been emailed a homework grid this week. Try and challenge yourself to complete at least 4 pieces of homework by the deadline – Monday 6th December. Try your best, be creative and have fun! Please remember that reading is an ongoing homework that should be done as frequently as possible, 5-10 minutes at a time. 

Please bring your completed homework in on Monday 6th December. Please do not bring homework in before this date – please bring it in ON the morning of the 6th December. On this day we will all share our homework with each other in class and celebrate your excellent work. If you cannot bring your physical homework into school (eg. if you baked something), please take pictures of it and email it to your class email address (class7/8/9@henleaze-inf.bristol.sch.uk

Here is a link to the grid if you need it: Homework grid Term 1 2021.docx.pdf

Week 7 celebrations:

In English this week, the children have learnt one of our favourite stories – ‘the Egg’ – off by heart. See if they can tell you the story over the weekend – it’s a great one!

The children enjoyed creating self portraits this week using oil pastels. They used mirrors to help them observe their face shapes and facial features; they then expressed these observations through their artwork. 

The children have used their debating skills in History. We have had some excellent discussions about who they thought should have been King when Edward the Confessor died in 1066. The children used persuasive language, evidence and facts to prove their arguments.


We will continue with our story, The Egg, this week and will write our own exciting version of the story. We will think back to the mythical creatures we designed in the previous week and discuss what lessons we would need to teach this creature if it were in our care. We will then use this character, and our knowledge of the story ‘the Egg’, to write our own exciting version of the story. After writing our stories, we will use our special purple pens to edit our work and make it more engaging to the reader. We will look at our word choices and see if we can make them even more interesting. We will also use dictionaries to check our spelling of key words!

Here is a link to our English plans for the week if you are learning from home: English Plans
Here is a link to the Writing slides and resources for the week: Slides & Resources


Our dedicated time for exploring Reading for Pleasure books and changing levelled books is MONDAY. Please ensure your child has their books and reading logs with them on this day ready to change. Please do come and see us if you have any barriers to reading with your child or reluctance from them to do so: we are here to help make reading at home an enjoyable one. During this final week, we will be finishing our assessment of the children’s reading book levels. Please look out in the reading log by the end of this week to see which level your child is on.

Here is a link to some reading activities for you to complete at home if you are learning from home: Reading Activities

Phonics and Spelling

At Henleaze Infant School, we are very lucky to be following a new phonics scheme created by our English Hub: Unlocking Letters and Sounds. Whilst the plans and resources they share with us are still in publication process and cannot yet be shared with parents, we are delighted to be able to update you with the focus of our 4 sessions each week. Each session we become masters of phase 5 and introduce new spellings for phonemes we already know. This week: 

Session 1: ie (as in chief)
Session 2: ea (as in head)
Session 3: er (as in her)

The final session of the week is a recap and revision session. Based on the teacher’s ongoing assessment throughout the week, they will revisit and address then rehearse any misconceptions to ensure children in the class become secure with the new teaching focus.

To support with phonics at home you can:
-be a Phase 3 and Phase 5 phoneme spotter in any texts that you read e.g. how many ‘oi’s can you spot in this page of your book/ magazine?
-discuss the new teaching focus of each session e.g. what other words do you know that have ‘er’ as in her? Can you write them? This is a great opportunity to practise handwriting too!

At present, our final session of the week is a separate spelling session which often explores alternative consonant spellings. So far we have had fun searching for: ‘gn’ and ‘kn’ words (gnome, knight, know) in a word search, helping Mr Whoops to spell ‘wr’ words (wrestle, wriggle, write) and searching for the /s/ sound spelt using ‘c’ in a word search.

This week is: Spelling the phoneme /j/ with ‘g’ and ‘j’.

Here is a link to some spelling activities for you to complete from home if you are learning from home: Spelling Activities


In maths this week the children will continue to apply their knowledge of addition and subtraction. They will work on subtracting 2 digit numbers using different strategies including crossing 10. They will then use their knowledge of exchanging numbers from this week to find number bonds to 100 and finish the week by adding 3 single-digit numbers. 

Here is a link to the maths plans for the week if you learning from home: Maths Plans
Here is a link to the maths resources for the week if you are learning from home: Maths Slides & Resources

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week the children will learn about the use of tone in artwork and how different tones evoke different emotions. They will look at different ‘knights and castles’ images and discuss the use of tone in each image and how the images make them feel. They will then experiment with tone, using black and white paint to make various colours lighter and darker. 

The children will be ‘spiders’ this week and link their existing knowledge about Charles Macintosh to create fact files about him and his work. They will think about how his discovery changed the way we use materials.

If you would like to expand on your child’s understanding of materials at home, you can watch these videos with them on BBC bitesize: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z4wdmp3/resources/1

Here is a link to our KUW Plans if you are learning from home: KUW plans
Here is a link to the KUW resources if you are learning from home: KUW Slides & Resources

Religion and World Views

In R+WV this week the children will think about what their names mean and why their adults gave them their specific names. The children will then move on to thinking about common Muslim names and their meanings. The children will learn about Islamic birth ceremonies; what happens, when and what each event symbolises. They will then create some Islamic geometric art. 

Here is a link to the R + WV plans if you are learning from home (they are part of the KUW plans): R+WV Plans
Here is a link to the R + WV slides if you are learning from home: R+WV Slides
Here is a link to a R + WV resource if you are learning from home: R+WV Resource


Our focus in PSHE this week is to consolidate our learning from PSHE this term. To demonstrate their understanding of choices and consequences the children will draw a picture of someone who is choosing to follow our Learning Charter. They will explain why and how this person is making a good choice. 

Here is a link to the PSHE plans if you are learning from home (they are part of the KUW plans): PSHE Plans

To listen to Mrs Fricker’s whole-school assembly, click here

Star of the Week

Class 7: Ted
Class 8: Herbie
Class 9: Millie

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