Term 2, Week 5

1st December Henleaze Road Bazaar-choir opening at 4:00
Saturday 4th December from 2–5pm
Henleaze Junior School Christmas Bazaar
Open air Santa’s Grotto – Donkeys – Hampers Raffle – craft activities –gift stalls
Wreath-making kits – Christmas puddings – bottle tombola
Parent-free present zone – teddy stall – mulled wine & mince pies – & much more…

If you are learning from home please access the learning here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zQDCKSHDTkxHAQ3JCPl3C0EZFMF3gQ4U?usp=sharing

Week 4 Celebrations:

The children really enjoyed the spelling bee this week. Everyone got involved and supported each other. It was great! Here are some pictures!

In R+WV we have started to get into the Christmas spirit; the children produced some wonderful story maps of the nativity story. Here are some examples of their work:



In guided reading we will continue to read in small groups with a focus on books that give a higher level of challenge than the levelled ones that are sent home. We are in the process of assessing individual reading levels as part of our ongoing assessment procedures. Please remember that the books children are sent home with ensure they can read at a comfortable level, showing 95% accuracy of word reading (this also applies to segmenting and blending), and a good understanding of the overall book. We use the reading records to monitor how often children are reading but as we keep our own records, we do not respond or record comments in them. Please use your class email if you have a query over reading.

Our Read for the Stars initiative is LIVE! If you missed the information last week, please follow the link to find out more Read for the Stars – New Reading Incentive


Learning this week focuses on alternative pronunciations of ‘ch’ and ‘c’
‘Ch’ as in Christmas
‘Ch’ as in chef
‘C’ as in face


Spelling bee: What fun we had with our Spelling Bee! Thank you to all the children for being such good participants and supporters.

In our dedicated spelling session this week we will be learning: the sound /l/ spelt with ‘-il’ and ‘-al’ at the end of words



In writing this week the children will continue their learning around the wonderful Julia Donaldson book: ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’. They will start by showing us their wonderful retelling through independent writing and then continue the week with a focus on poetry. As this is our first time exploring poetry in Year 2, we will begin by reading a range of poems and offering our opinions on them. We will also use poetry reading as an opportunity to practise prosody (reading with expression). We will be learning how to write similes and then use the simile structure to create a class poem based on the characters in Zog. Look out in our celebrations in next week’s blog for our final class poem performances.

Zog and the Flying Doctors Book

Michel Rosen (author of We’re going on a Bear Hunt)  will be inspiring us with his poems and poetry recitals. Here is the link to his YouTube channel if you want to listen to some more. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7D-mXO4kk-XWvH6lBXdrPw


This week in maths we are continuing our new block of learning about multiplication and division. We will start by linking our knowledge of counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to multiplication sentences using the x’s symbol and move on to dividing amounts into equal groups later on in the week. For this, the children will do lots of practical work where they will share counters into equal groups. They will be introduced to the division symbol and write division number sentences using it. 

You can support division at home by sharing food, toys, objects etc between people. For example, if you were eating some raspberries and there are 3 people in your family. First, ask your child how many altogether. Now we are going to share them equally between the 3 of us. How many do we have each? Can you write a division number sentence to show what we have done? Do you know any related multiplication facts too?

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week we are continuing with our coding block of learning. The children wowed us with their incredible computer skills last week, so we are challenging them this week to design their own program on paper using different objects and commands. Then they will have an opportunity to create their designs on Purple Mash. 

Religion and World Views

In R + WV the children will be reflecting on all they have learnt so far this term. 


PSHE will be centred around gender stereotypes and how we can challenge them. 

Star of the Week

Class 7: Logan
Class 8: Florie
Class 9: Stas

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