Reception – Term 2, Week 6


  • Thank you for sending in observations of your child via Evidence Me. The children have loved seeing photos of themselves learning at home and telling the class what they have been doing. We have enjoyed celebrating their learning together.
  • Please see below for this week’s observation request. For these observations, you do not need to add a photograph if you do not wish to. We are inviting you to send other observations of your child. These could be to communicate to the teachers/class that you have been on a day trip or a significant moment in their learning (e.g. moving up a group in gymnastics). 
  • As long as it isn’t raining, we will do a ‘Monday Mile’ around the Junior playing field. Please send your child in with a pair of named wellies on Mondays as the grass is usually wet at this time of year.
  • This term, we are inviting parents to contribute to their child’s learning diary. Each week, we will request an observation. Please read the weekly learning (scroll down) to find out which area of learning we would like you to contribute to this week. Click here to see the Parents Guide from Evidence Me. 

Diary dates

8th and 9th December 

The Reception children are really excited to be performing ‘Shine Star Shine’ as their nativity play this year. Due to our risk assessments, we are inviting one adult per child to our performance. We will be doing two performances to ensure that there is space for appropriate distancing.

  • If your child’s surname starts with letters between A-L, please come to our 9:30 performance on 8th December 2021.
  • If your child’s surname starts with letters between M-Z, please come to our 9:30 performance on 9th December 2021. 

Before you attend:

  • Adults must take a lateral flow test on the morning of the performance and if it is positive, they must not attend.
  • Adults must also not attend if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. 
  • All adults must wear a face covering throughout the performance. 

We hope you understand that these precautions have been taken to protect our staff, children and you from the continued risk.

10th December3:45pm Carols in the playground accompanied by a Salvation Army band. Families are welcome to stay for carols after collecting children from classes at the usual time. Please wear face coverings and space out across the whole playground to enable social distancing.

14th December – School Christmas celebration at St Peter’s Church. We have made the decision for this to be a school event only.

14th December – School Christmas Lunch. This meal is provided as part of the Chartwells offer and made special by our fabulous lunchtime team. There will be music and decorations as well as the extra-special meal. Lunch choices are ordered by children via the class teacher as usual. 

16th December – Children will have a party session in the hall and a class party tea in the classroom. Each class has had a sign-up sheet outside their classroom for parents to organise the food/drink contributions. There will be a special guest appearance to deliver a class gift funded by FHIS. 

17th December – Final day of Term 2. Non-school uniform day. Please bring a small donation for FHIS.


This week, the children have loved rehearsing the Nativity play. We are so excited to be performing it to you next week. On Friday, the children tried on their costumes for the first time. They have loved continuing to learn about the teamwork bee. Each classroom has a new, updated role play area. Class 1 voted to have a bakery role play area and Class 2 and 3 voted to have a Christmas Post Office. The children have enjoyed playing in them this week. It has been wonderful to hear the children say extended sentences and use new vocabulary while they have been playing in role.

Evidence Me – Observation Request

Understanding the World – Please take a photo of your child collecting shiny things and submit it as an observation on Evidence Me. Click here to see the Parents Guide from Evidence Me.

Learning in Week 6

If you are self isolating, please click here to view the plans.

This week, we will start learning about the ELLI spider. The spider makes connections between learning. We will be using the story ‘Spinderella’ by Julia Donaldson to introduce the spider to the children.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This week, we will be meeting the ELLI Spider, and thinking about how we make connections when we learn. Following on from our work in Friendship Week, we will be talking about how to make friends and be a kind friend.

Communication and Language

This week, the children will listen to the story ‘Spinderella’ and discuss it in their class. This will help them to build familiarity and retell the story independently themselves next week. We will also be discussing unfamiliar words in the story and talking about their meaning. Alongside this, the children will be speaking, singing and acting in the Reception Nativity performances. 

Word of the week: Connections

Physical Development

We will be perfecting our seated balances, jumping and landing as we explore the jungle. In Write Dance, we will be exploring movements in time to the music. 


This week we are learning the new digraphs ai, ee, igh, oa. A digraph is when two letters are combined to make a single phoneme (sound). We will also be learning the new Common Exception Words ‘was’ and ‘you’. 

Please support your child at home to practise the letter formation of s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u, r, h, b, f, l  j, v, w, x,y ,z, q. Click here to see the correct formation of the letters.

This week we will continue to read with your child either 1:1 or in a small guided reading session. Please continue to read with your child every day to improve their fluency with a text and don’t forget our new ‘Read for the Stars’ reading incentive. Every child should now have a bookmark that is kept in their book bag. Click here to find out more.

Writing – This week we will be writing about what we are doing over the holidays e.g. In the holiday I am going to see my family. Please talk to or tell your child what they will be doing during the Christmas holiday to ensure they have some ideas for their sentences.


This week, the children will be comparing numbers up to 5. They will continue to understand that when comparing numbers, one quantity can be more than, the same as, or fewer than another quantity. We will be using a range of representations to support children’s understanding and will be encouraging the children to compare quantities using a variety of objects and representations. Alongside this, the children will also continue to compare mass and capacity.

Understanding the World

We will be learning about spiders and sharing what we know. We will be playing Odd One Out as we think about shiny objects.

Please take a photo of your child collecting shiny things and submit it as an observation on Evidence Me.  Click here to see the Parents Guide from Evidence Me.

Religion and Worldviews

We will be sharing about different ways we celebrate at Christmas, or other festivals, and enjoying our Christmas-themed role-play areas.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week we will be performing our Christmas Nativity ‘Star Shine Star.’ We are all looking forward to seeing you for the performance. We will also continue our Christmas crafts, this week we are making calendars.

This week’s recoded assembly can be accessed here.

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