Term 3 Week 2


Thank you for such a fabulous first week back. We are super excited for Week 2 where we will really get into our new Space theme!

  • Friday 14th January – Space WOW day. Please come dressed up as something space-themed. We LOVE homemade or recycled costumes – please don’t feel you must buy anything for this.

Week 1 celebrations:

The children really enjoyed reading one of our new key texts for the term – How to Catch a Star.
If you wish to enjoy this with your child, you can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3oQcKxE-ck

This week’s whole school assembly can be found here

If you are learning from home this week please access the learning here: CLICK HERE



It is wonderful to see some completed sides of bookmarks this term. This shows your commitment to reading regularly at home and will be celebrated with certificates! Please see below for a reminder of the Read for the Stars incentive.

Read for the Stars – New Reading Incentive

We will continue with guided reading and activities linked to reading skills. We are really interested in sharing examples of information about SPACE. If you come across an article/ information page/ news page that would be of interest and is suitable to be shared with the class -please send it in!


We continue daily blending revision to help us apply our segmenting and blending skills to unfamiliar words.

Key learning this week focuses on:

‘s’ spelling in whistle and listen (silent t after s) 

‘S’ spelling in house and mouse (se)

‘z’ spelling as ‘se’ in please

Spelling and Grammar (SPAG):

We are placing greater emphasis on teaching specific aspects of grammar this term. These key building blocks of English will be combined with our weekly  spelling lesson and also feature in our daily writing warm ups. Please see below for an overview of grammar and spelling for term 3. 


In writing this week we will begin with a fun handwriting session which will be jam-packed full of engaging fine motor activities to help the children develop their finger strength and dexterity. The children will then use these skills in their writing throughout the week to ensure their handwriting is clear, legible and neat. 

Any practice you can do to support your child’s handwriting at home is invaluable. We use 4 formation families to help with letter formation. You can use these to help with your practice at home. 

Our writing focus for the next 2 weeks is recounts. Recounts are used to retell past events or experiences. The children will look at the many features of a recount including:
– past tense
– chronological order
– using time words
– using powerful verbs and adjectives.

By the end of Week 3 the children will have put all of these skills into practise by writing an incredible recount of their Space WOW day.  Some of these fantastic examples will be PUBLISHED on the blog for all to see so any writing practice you can do at home with your children will only help them make their recounts even more fabulous. 


This week in maths the children will begin their new topic of 2D and 3D shape. They will recognise 2D and 3D shapes and start to think about the properties of 2D shapes – specifically sides and vertices. 

Here are some resources to support this learning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zjv39j6

Can you spot 2D and 3D shapes in your environment in and around your home? 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In history this week we will be learning about space travel! We will be sequencing events into chronological order as well as taking a detailed look into what life was like in 1969- the year of the Moon Landing. 

Religion and World Views

In R + WV we are thinking about important people in our lives. Who inspires us and why?


PSHE will be centred around dreams and goals. We will be exploring how people achieve their dreams and what are realistic goals to set. As well as setting ourselves a challenge to achieve. 

Star of the Week

(No stars of the week this week) 

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