Reception – Term 4, Week 3


  • This Friday, 18th March is Red Nose Day. If your child would like to wear a red nose or paint one on for the day then they can bring in a donation. We shall also use carpet times through the day to share some jokes so this is also something you could think about together before Friday! We will be supporting this charity this year as the money raised this year will along with other great causes, will also be funding organisations that are supporting people right now in Ukraine.
  • You will have been sent communication about our school trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like to come with us as a parent helper by Tuesday 15th March. Once we have collated a list, we will pick names out of a hat and let you know the outcome by Wednesday 16th March. 
  • At parents evening, some teachers will have recommended that you ask your child questions when they are reading to develop their comprehension. Please click here to view some example questions.
  • Every child needs to bring their book, book bag and reading record into school everyday. 
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources on the patio before school (including the mountain and the bikes/scooters). Please pass this on to your any adults who bring your child to school.
  • Phonics and letter formation – We are really pleased to be able to share this document with you (click here). The document shows you the Phase 2 phonemes with a description of the corresponding action, the correct letter formation and the image children will associate with the phoneme. The children have been learning these phonemes in their Phonics lessons, so should already be familiar with them. Please use this document to support your child’s letter formation and use the ‘script’ that we use in school to ensure consistency.
  • Please remember to read the phonetically decodable reading book with your child everyday. Reading the same book daily for several days helps to develop fluency and embed phonic knowledge and skills. Please write a positive comment about your child’s reading in their log book everyday. You can click here to access the blog post about reading at Henleaze Infant School and click here to view some of the FAQ’s. Please remember to return your child’s books every Monday as they will swap them for new ones on Mondays.


We have been so impressed with the children’s writing this week. They have written facts about polar bears and applied their phonic knowledge brilliantly.

In Week 2, the children loved learning about number bonds to 10 and explored them during their self initiated learning time both indoors and outdoors.

Star of the Week

Class 1 -Vincent

Class 2 – Amelia

Class 3 – Cliona

Evidence Me – Observation request

Play ‘Bonds to 10’ on the White Rose Maths 1-Minute Maths app. Once you have downloaded the app, click addition and then ‘bonds to 10’. We would like you to submit a screenshot or photograph of your child’s score to tell us how many questions they answered correctly in 1 minute. We have been learning about number bonds to 10 in Maths so your child should be familiar with them. Please click here to view the Evidence Me parents guide.

For our whole school assembly click here

Week 3

Next week, Reception are going to start using the new resources that were kindly bought by FHIS. You can see photos below of our new ‘Graphics Shed’ and wall letters. The children will be able to take the graphics resources around the patio to make marks.

If you are self isolating, click here to view the plans.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This week, we are ensuring everyone knows what the word ‘healthy’ means, and that some foods are more healthy than others.

Communication and Language

We will continue to read our story ‘The Emperors Egg’ and engage in helicopter stories. We are going to be pre teaching the vocabulary from our key texts (Handa’s Surprise and The Last Stop on Market Street) that we will use during weeks 4, 5 and 6.

Word of the week: Fiction 

Physical Development

We will be practising our gymnastic shapes in the Washing Machine game (tuck, star, pencil, straddle, pike). We will be exploring these moves as we use the apparatus to challenge ourselves. 


Please continue to use the phonics grid with your child to practice all the phonemes we have learnt so far. We suggest doing this alongside their daily reading.  If your child has misplaced the grid, click here to access it.

This week we will be mastering previously learnt phonemes from phase 3. This week we will be focusing on ow, oi, ear, air.

Please support your child at home to practise their letter formation. Click here to see the correct letter formation and ‘script’ we use in school to support children to form their letters. This will ensure consistency between home and school.

This week we will continue to read with your child either 1:1 or in a small guided reading session. Please continue to read with your child every day to improve their fluency with a text. Ask your child questions about the characters, what they think might happen next and discuss/ explain what they think is happening in the pictures.

Writing –This week we will be writing and designing Mother’s Day cards. 


This week, we will be learning about 3D shapes.  We will be considering which shapes stack and which shapes roll and why that is. Children will be given opportunities to build using a variety of shapes and to construct their own 3D shapes in different ways. Children will be introduced to the names of the shapes and be given opportunities to explore similarities and differences between them as they play and to sort them according to what they notice. Children will naturally explore and manipulate 3D shapes through their block play and modeling too.

Understanding the World

We are going to be learning about two female explorers still going on adventures and will be talking about the change in season. For Red Nose Day we will be exploring Lego habitat challenges.

Religion and Worldviews

Continuing our unit “Why are some times special?” we will be learning the important Jewish and Christian story of the Passover, and learning about the Jewish Pesach Seder meal. We will also be talking about Persian New Year celebrations.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week during our Music lesson we are beginning to  develop the introduction to the class performance of the story – ‘Handa’s surprise’.

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