Term 6 Week 2

This week, as a whole school, we are having our special celebration week to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne.

The week will be completed on Friday 17th June when we ask the children to dress up in purple, red, white or blue and instead of bringing in home fruit on that day they can bring in a treat to have at our jubilee picnic (just for themselves and remember our no nuts policy).

We are pleased to announce that we will be performing The Pied Piper of Henleaze for our Year 2 play. Please click on this link to access the songs and lyrics for children to learn over the holidays and up until our performance on …..



It is wonderful to see so many children engaged in our Read for the Stars incentive. Certificates have been flying out in celebration assembly and some children are nearly on the last side of their second bookmark! We just wanted to remind all children that the crown prize for achieving this many reads is a very special head teacher’s certificate and a book (which will be given as part of special end of year celebrations). Keep up with all your fantastic efforts: I think Mrs Hibbard is going to be very busy ordering LOTS of books for children at Henleaze Infants School.


  • In week 3 we will start designing our own bug houses. Please start collecting an assortment of recycling to bring in in week 3, including toilet rolls tubes, cardboard, corrugated card shoe-boxes and clean tins (If bringing in tins, please make sure they don’t have any sharp edges). We will also be looking for dried natural materials to fill our bug boxes with such as pinecones, sticks, leaves, moss and straw/hay!

Here are some dates for your diary:

Sports Day – Afternoon of Thursday 23rd June – 1:30 pm

Learning Shares in classes –  Friday, July 1st (Class 8 at 9:10am and Classes 7 & 9 at 2:50pm.)

We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.


Spelling and Grammar (SPAG):

We will be recapping alternative sounds for ee, for example: ea, ey, e-e, y.

For a little bit of fun we will be exploring the Queen’s English!Asking questions like;  how is this different to the way we speak today? 


We will continue with our guided reading sessions using our reading dogs skills to enhance our reading. We will also be practising our reading comprehension skills learning all about the Queen and her fabulous long reign! 


This week our writing will be linked to the Jubilee whole school learning theme.  We will be learning about The Commonwealth countries and doing some geography linked research to find out key facts of different countries. We will also be thinking about the duties of monarchs and after finding out more about Queen Elizabeth II, writing about  ‘If I were Queen or King for the day’. 


This week in Maths our learning will be Jubilee themed! We will learn about why the Queen is on our coins and notes and how her portrait has changed over her reign. We will use money to buy items for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and work out the change. We will work in groups to purchase items to kit out Buckingham Palace and then end the week by solving the mystery of the Queen’s missing brooch. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

We will begin practising songs for our play this week. We are super excited about it! 


Jubilee themed! Each class this week will observing techniques used by a particular artist and using this as inspiration whilst drawing their own portrait of the queen!


Following on from the Commonwealth themed writing session, children will be replicating and creating their own Commonwealth flags.

R + WV

In R+WV this week we will be recapping all the different places of worship we have studied so far and learn about the Muslim place of worship.


In PSHE this week we will learning about the natural process of growing from young to old.

Stars of the Week

Class 7 – Eva

Class 8 – Annabelle

Class 9 – Emme

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