Reception – Term 6, Week 4


  • If your child finishes one side of their bookmark, meaning they are due a certificate, please let your child’s class teacher know. We do not check them ourselves, we rely on you telling us – thank you!
  • Monday Mile – Now that the weather is getting warmer, the field is not as damp, therefore the children no longer need to wear their wellies to school on a Monday for our Monday Mile. 
  • Every child needs to bring their book, book bag and reading record into school everyday. 
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources that have been set up on the patio before school (including the mountain and the bikes/scooters). Please pass this on to any adults who bring your child to school.
  • Phonics and letter formation document (click here
  • Please remember to read the phonetically decodable reading book with your child everyday.


What a busy week it has been! All the children have now met their new teachers and classmates. We have also had a fantastic sports day – thank you for coming and supporting the children!

The children have loved making bug hotels out of the junk modelling resources.

Star of the Week

Class 1 –

Class2 – Amber

Class 3 – Heerad

Evidence Me – Observation request

Please send in a picture of you when your child was a baby to Evidence Me. In PSED this week, we will be talking about how we have changed since then!

Please click here to view the Evidence Me parents guide.

Week 4 Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This week in our topic of “Changing Me”, we will be thinking about how we change as we grow – please see Evidence Me request above.

Communication and Language

This week, the children will be introduced to a new key text, ‘Are you a snail?’. They will be encouraged to retell the key points of the book and recall some facts about snails. 

Word of the week: awe

Physical Development

We are going to be fine tuning balls skills; rolling, chasing and bouncing in PE. For fine motor skills we will be making pictures using a variety of media and tools.


Please continue to use the phonics and common exception word grid with your child to practice all the phonemes and ‘CEW’ we have learnt so far. We suggest doing this alongside their daily reading. 

Click here to access our GPC (grapheme phoneme correspondence) and common exception word mat. 

This week we will master our Phase 4 learning, learning about adjacent consonants and polysyllabic words.  

Please support your child at home to practise their letter formation. Click here to see the correct letter formation and ‘script’ we use in school to support children to form their letters. This will ensure consistency between home and school.

This week we will read with your child either 1:1 or in a small guided reading session. Please continue to read with your child every day to improve their fluency with a text. Ask your child questions about the characters, what they think might happen next and discuss/ explain what they think is happening in the pictures.

Writing – This week we will be engaging in a ‘Spirited Arts’ competition. We will design a poster on ‘God’s good Earth’ and then describe our pictures using adjectives Eg: My picture is of a ferocious tiger.


This week, the children will be given time and opportunities to engage in extended problem solving and develop their critical thinking skills. These problems will be linked to familiar stories, come from the children’s suggestions or real problems that arise. The children will make plans like the ELLI Owl and may need to make adaptations to their plans like the ELLI Chameleon. Afterwards, they will be encouraged to review and discuss their strategies e.g. Which were the most successful, which didn’t work and why? 

Understanding the World

We will be giving children plenty of time to talk about the communities they have belonged to (nursery/ reception) they belong to now (current class/ tennis/ football etc) and the Year 1 community they will belong to next term. We will also be following children’s interests as we learn about minibeasts that we might see on the school grounds. 

Religion and Worldviews

This week, we are linking with Art and Writing as we consider the awesome natural world, create artwork inspired by it and write about our pictures. We will think about how those with faith in a creator God believe God asks us to care for the planet.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week we will be responding to our feelings of wonder at the natural world by creating artwork for a competition. 

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