Year 1 Learning. Term 6, Week 6


This week:

Annual Reports will be sent home on Wednesday of this week.

  • You will find below a grid showing the sessions to be taught each week. They mostly follow the exact days, although will differ slightly class to class as when we have our PE slots.
  • Could you please make sure children have a change of shoes suitable for PE in their PE kits as most of our PE will be outside this term. Thank you.

We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.

Daily Well Being Activities

Monday – Connect – Make a friendship pair to give to someone you pick out of the lolly stick pot in your class.
Tuesday – Take Notice- Squish squash relax
Wednesday –  Be Active – Follow the leader Dance moves
Thursday – Keep Learning – Up and away – hot air balloon hopes and dreams How to make a hopes and dreams hot air balloon
Friday –  Give –  Make a Thank you bookmark for an adult at school.


Phonics: Phase 5c
Phonics: Focus alternatives  /(y)oo/(stew)    /oo/ (clue)    /oo/ (June)    /oo/ (blew)

Spelling: Year 1 Common Exception Words

Writing: Vocabulary: letter, word, finger space, sentence, punctuation, lower case, capital, full stop, adjective, noun

Writing – Composition  – Text ‘Journey’
Sessions 1 and 2 : Tell in your own words the whole or part of the story.
Learning Objectives:
-Use adjectives to help describe the feelings of a character.
-Put yourself in the place of a character for a part in a story.
-Use correct punctuation for creating a narrative.

Session 3: We will be writing to our new teachers. It will be an opportunity for showing our new teachers our brilliant writing and for us to look back at the end of Year 2, just how much progress we have made.
Session 4:
Writing questions for Year 2 children and teachers
Learning Objective:
-To think of and write a question using a question mark at the end.

Session 5: Handwriting

Reading: Focus: Fiction – Journeys Reading comprehension about Floella Benjamin coming to the UK in the Windrush generation.

  • Read as part of a group. Look at front cover details and explore making predictions, using phonetic knowledge to decode unknown words and to extend vocabulary. Read aloud and look at increasing fluency and use discussion as a group to discuss comprehension and answer written questions.
  • In reading groups, continue to continue on phonic and CEW recognition gaps identified.

Whole Class – Planned story sessions each day and shared text: ‘Quest’. The sequel to the Journey story.

Maths: Shape and Final Assessments

Mental Oral/Warm Up
Daily count
Recall number facts within 10
Snappy maths

Assessment points: 
Place value within 100, inc complete blank number line sections, equality symbols
Addition and subtraction – fluent or work out?, inc missing number probs
Fill gaps in assessment criteria for individuals

Shape learning objectives:
To recognise and name 2D shapes
To describe 2D shapes using mathematical vocabulary.
To recognise and name 3D shapes
To describe 3D shapes using mathematical vocabulary, such as edges, corners, faces, flat, curved

Wider Curriculum

PE-  Outdoor Athletic Skills 

PE – Jasmine 

Art- Complete a piece of art work using the child’s choice of media for their classroom next year. To also create a picture of their favourite ELLI animal for their picture frame.

DT – Making wooden photo frames – Using triangular joints for the corners and then adding artwork to completed frames of favourite ELLI animal.

History/Geography- Looking again at the Windrush Journey made from the Caribean to England and thinking about how we can plan a trip (Journey)

R+WV –  Caring for our world – walk or cycle. Watch the clip and choose one reason and draw a picture with a sentence. Eg Walk to school because ..

Science- Plants and trees Classification- Walk around campus. Look at the trees and plants that will be our class names next year – when come back in and explore ways to classify – post it notes. Put into class book. Look at George Washington Carver (BAME) – famous botanist.

Coping With Change
Learning Objectives: I can tell you about changes that have happened in my life
I know some ways to cope with changes

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Class 4-  All of Class 4!
Class 5 –  Jiaan (Absent last week)
Class 6 – Noah B

Reading for the Stars

Silver Award: 
Class 6 – Rehan
Gold Award:
Class 6 –   Freya Emmie

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