Eco Summer Holiday Challenges

Below are some ideas from Young Climate Warriors to keep you busy over the summer. Do send in any photos of anything you have been up to that helps our environment over the summer hols to our new Eco leader Miss Aviss

‘The future of life on Earth depends on our ability to see the sacred where others see only the common.’

John Denver, 1991; singer-songwriter

Patterns in nature are everywhere and are often awe-inspiring, but we need to look for them – to find the ‘sacred’ amidst the ‘common’. Spirals, hexagons, fractals, hearts, teardrops, tessellations, circles … when you start looking they are everywhere!

The Rainforest Connection project uses patterns in rainforest noise to help avoid illegal deforestation by alerting authorities BEFORE it happens – go to to learn more! This truly fascinating project also enables children to link through and ‘hear the rainforest’ in real-time.

How about creating your own patterns, using natural objects – stones, leaves, shells and
twigs? If you’re looking for inspiration, look at these stunning creations by Andy
a British sculptor. In this BBC bitesize video he demonstrates how he creates
temporary artwork with chalk on slate and shows how to create a rain-shadow image.

Young Climate Warriors are encouraged to send through their photos, sketches or doodles of patterns in nature, to share with the rest of their Young Climate Warriors team!  Email hello@youngclimatewarriors.orgor HIT THE RED BUTTON.

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