Year 2 Term 1 Week 5

Monday 26th September is an INSET DAY. There will be no children in school.

We would love to invite you to share in the children’s enthusiasm around our new topic of Knights and Castles by engaging in some home learning with them. Please see the homework grid with instructions below. On Tuesday 29th November we will have a ‘homework sharing day’ where the children will bring in and showcase their work!


The children have really enjoyed experimenting with clay this week. We will build on our clay skills next week when we design and build clay castles in cooperative groups. 

The children had a very creative ELLI time this week – we had clay animals, sunflower paintings and paper handbags in Sycamore Class! Here are some pictures of them enjoying themselves! 

Subject specific information:



In writing this week the children will be REPORTERS.

They will report on an exciting local news story and practise the art of journalism. They will make notes, host interviews, create wanted posters and report their findings.


We will continue with our guided reading sessions this week. 

The children will also engage in the following activities:

  • Phoneme spotting
  • Editing
  • Handwriting
  • Uplevelling their adjectives


Tuesday: ew, ue, u-e (/yoo/ sound)

Wednesday: a (acorn)

Thursday: a (fast)

Friday: a (was)


In maths this week we will begin our new topic of addition and subtraction. The children will begin by recapping addition and subtraction bonds within 20 and then move to bonds within 100. They will work in both tens and ones. 

Don’t forget to download the White Rose ‘1 minute maths’ app for free if you haven’t already. It’s fun and educational!

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)


In science this week the children will be thinking about the suitability of various materials for different purposes. They will also explore and sort natural vs. manufactured materials.


In D.T the children will be designing and making their own castles using clay. This will be building upon our clay skills we learned last week.

Religion and World Views

In R + WV the children will be learning about the baptism of Jesus, unpicking what baptism means and symbolises. The children will look at and discuss pieces of art depicting Jesus’ baptism and then have a go at creating their own piece of art based on these. Their artwork will include 3 symbols:
dove = Holy spirit
water = new life, cleansing,
light = Jesus is like light to the world

If you would like more information about what we will be studying in Religion and World Views this term you can access this here:


In PSHE the children will be discussing rewards and consequences and how they can help to keep their classroom a safe, enjoyable environment. They will explore how words and actions and simple things can also be just as valuable as material rewards, but in a different way. 

Stars of the Week

Sycamore – Luke

Maple – Eve

Magnolia – Emily

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