Year 1 Learning. Term 1, Week 6

London Marathon 2022 - Linc Charity

Miss Evans has run and completed the London Marathon this Sunday – A Huge Congratulations to her and we promise to be kind and helpful on Monday!! An AMAZING JOB! So Proud!


Advance Warning: 

Harvest Festival – Wednesday 12th October – You will be sent details of food items that we will be asking for as donations soon.

Wednesday, 19th October – Individual Photograph Day

  • We will be visiting Westonbirt Arboretum on Tuesday 11th October. We have sent out details, permission forms and payment details via our school COMMS. Please ensure that it is all filled in for your child. If you have volunteered to be a parent helper your class teacher will let you know if you are needed this time as soon as possible. 
  • We will also be walking down to St Peters’ church for a visit as part of our R+WV curriculum on the afternoon of the Wednesday, 19th October (same day as photographs!)  This is a local visit so permission is already covered but again, we will ask for parent volunteers to help us walk in our class groups to the church. Class teachers will email you to let you know the time of their class and the times you would need to commit to if you can help.
  • Children will change for their PE sessions so please continue to ensure that children’s PE kits are in school on their pegs. They need a white T-shirt, black shorts and a change of shoes, pumps or trainers. All the classes had their first ‘changing times’ last week. Thank you for  supporting and preparing your children for this. It is an important part of their learning and promotion of independence to change unsupported.
  • You will find below a grid showing the sessions to be taught each week. They do not exactly follow days as each class has different sessions due to support and PE times being different but it allows you to see the week as a snapshot of sessions.  

We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.

Daily Wellbeing Activities

Monday – Connect – Collect children’s examples of ways they have been kind today
Tuesday – Take Notice- What can we do if we feel worried?
Wednesday – Be Active – Fruit and veg actions
Thursday – Keep Learning –
Tell us about something you have learned to do since you’ve been in Year 1
Friday – Give –
Help to fill a class Thankfulness jar with things that make you happy.


Revision of Phase 4 Phonics (Taught in Reception): 

Blending words containing 2 adjacent consonants: E.g. brisk  blink  blend
Teach adding the suffix -er to adjectives: higher, stronger
Teach adding the suffix -est to adjectives: highest, quickest
Blending for reading: E.g. fresher  tighter  strongest
Segmenting for spelling: E.g  shorter   sweeter  brightest
Revise all CEW’s taught so far
Vocabulary: adjective, phoneme, sounds, blend, letter name, word, sentence, full stop

Word level Work-
 Build on Science scavenger hunt  from last week, to write about senses. Which parts of our bodies are used for each of our senses? Do some of our senses use more than one?
Composition- An email arrives from Beegu and her family to tell us all about her planet which includes beautiful pictures. Thinking about our 5 senses, write about the experience you would have on her planet. 
Label Writing – Using writing that could be used on a display, write and illustrate the name of Beegu’s planet, ‘Ugeeb’. What do you notice about the planet’s name?
Handwriting: Correct formation of the ‘robot arm’ family. Complete a dictated sentence.

  • Handwriting and Spellings of the phonics and keywords listed above through formation and practice of digraphs and dictated sentences.


  • Read as part of a group or individually. Look at front cover details and explore making predictions, using phonetic knowledge to decode unknown words and to extend vocabulary. Read aloud and look at increasing fluency and use discussion as a group to discuss comprehension.
  • In reading groups, start by concentrating on phonic recognition gaps identified in assessments.

Whole Class. Share stories each day. This promotes their listening skills and extends their vocabulary and understanding of language. Time also to discuss characters and adjectives to help stimulate their learning.


Recall of addition facts within 8 (every day)

Counting forwards and backwards from any number within 20
Identifying 1 more and 1 less of any given number within 20

Learning objectives:

  • To use the language first, then and now to tell addition and subtraction problems.
  • To identify if a problem is addition or subtraction
  • To use the symbols – and = to record number sentences.
  • To compare addition and subtraction number sentences using the symbols < > and =

We will be looking at the difference between addition and subtraction and spotting key language in word problems that can tell us which operation is being used. We will be able to identify that when we add, our total gets bigger but when we subtract it gets smaller. We will build on our understanding of greater than, less than and equal to (<, >, =) and use them to compare number sentences such as 4 + 1 > 3.

Wider Curriculum


Jasmine PE – Fundamental Movement Skills: Shapes, Artistry, Partnering, Circles

Music – To explore different sound sources using sense of hearing.
To explore sounds using the sense of touch
To make observations of sounds by listening carefully 
To explore instruments & know that there are many different ways of making sounds 

R+WV (Formally known as RE) – What makes us joyful, peaceful, wonder, reflective, happy and sad? (Experiences, places, celebrations, stories, songs and, for some people, prayers)

Computing – -To know that any work they create using technology belongs to them.
To name and save their work so that others know it belong to them.

Science-Ourselves – To identify parts of the human body -Draw around a child and as a group label the parts of a body. Individually complete sheet with external body parts.
To know that we have 5 senses which allow us to find out about the world and use in an imaginary context relating to Beegu’s planet. 

Art- To mix colours using various media. Use these to paint a self-portrait. Compare to pastel portraits from previous work. Which is better? why? Which was easier to use?

PSHE I know I am the same as and different from my friends.  I feel good about my strengths.

Bluebell Class- Hannah

Cherry Class- Etta

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