Year 2 Term 1 Week 6

We would love to invite you to share in the children’s enthusiasm around our new topic of Knights and Castles by engaging in some home learning with them. Please see the homework grid with instructions below. On Tuesday 29th November we will have a ‘homework sharing day’ where the children will bring in and showcase their work!



Harvest Festival – Wednesday 12th October – You will be sent details of food items that we will be asking for as donations soon.

Wednesday, 19th October – Individual Photograph Day

Subject specific information:



This week in English, we will be reading the text: The Egg by MP Robertson. We will be drawing on our guided reading skills to make predictions about the story, leading into using role play to deepen our understanding of the characters within the story. What fun! We are continuing to develop our use of noun phrases (the red dragon) by expanding them (the fiery, red dragon) and we are combining ideas into one sentence by using coordinating conjunctions. Examples of these are ‘and’ and ‘but’. In phonics we are continuing to expand our knowledge of Phase 5 mastery and this week, look in even more detail at new, alternative graphemes. In our spelling session we will be learning how to write the ‘r’ phoneme as ‘wr’.


Our dedicated time for exploring Reading for Pleasure books, changing levelled reading books and visiting the library varies per class. Please see the class information following the Back to School patio meetings for more information. We do ask that book bags are brought in and put in drawers daily.


This week we are continuing to master the Phase 5 sounds.
Monday: e (like in he)
Tuesday: i (like in mind)
Wednesday: o (like in no)
Thursday: u (like in unit)
Friday: u (like in put)


In maths this week we will be focusing on adding and subtracting numbers, bridging 10.

Here are our objectives for the week:
– Add by making 10
– Add three 1-digit numbers
– Add to the next 10
– Add across a 10
– Subtract across a 10

You can support this at home by asking questions like:

  • What is one less than 20/30/40/50…?
  • Your number is 43/56/22/87… what is the next ten?
  • What do you need to add to XXXX to get to the next ten?


Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week the children will be building on the knowledge they have learnt about Charles Macintosh and his invention of the waterproof coat. We are going to be using the information we found from our science experiment to build our own boats. We are then going to test if our boats are waterproof. 

We are going to be using Purple Mash to create a tune using a variety of sounds. This will link with our Music topic this term all about pitch. 

Religion and World View (R+WV)

In R + WV the children will be linking their new learning to existing knowledge about baptism by designing a baptism candle. They will be thinking about what you wear to a baptism, what happens at a baptism, and what religious symbols are part of a baptism. 


In PSHE the children will be discussing how they can keep their classroom safe and happy by making the right choices. They will be thinking about how behaviours can have rewards and consequences, unpicking appropriate and fair consequences as a collaborative group.

If you would like more information about what we will be studying in Religion and World Views this term you can access this here:

Stars of the Week

Sycamore – Beau 

Maple – Harrison

Magnolia – Theo

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