Year 2 Term 2 Week 2


Flu Vaccinations will take place in school on Tuesday 8th November this week.

Thank you to all who attended parents evenings last week and for those of you that are supporting our fireworks event on Saturday.


The children absolutely loved learning about the Gunpowder Plot this week. Quiz them on their knowledge at home – they know more than you think! 

Have a lovely Bonfire Night. 

Class specific information: 

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Subject specific information:



In writing this week the children’s learning will be based around the wonderful Julia Donaldson book: ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’. Last week we read this wonderful story as part of our daily story time. Children will start by showing us their wonderful retelling through independent writing and then continue the week with a focus on poetry. As this is our first time exploring poetry in Year 2, we will begin by reading a range of poems and offering our opinions on them. We will also use poetry reading as an opportunity to practise prosody (reading with expression). We will be learning how to write similes and then use the simile structure to create a class poem based on the characters in Zog. Look out in our celebrations in next week’s blog for our final class poem performances.

Michel Rosen (author of We’re going on a Bear Hunt)  will be inspiring us with his poems and poetry recitals. Here is the link to his YouTube channel if you want to listen to some more.


Guided reading sessions will be accompanied by activities linked to previously taught grammar. 

This week this will involve writing sentences using ‘wow’ adjectives, editing sentences – making sure to use the correct spelling and punctuation, practising spelling words with the ‘le’ ending and phoneme spotting in our reading for pleasure books. 


This week we are learning these sounds:

Monday: /ch/ sound in picture and catch
Tuesday: /j/ sound in fudge
Wednesday: /m/ sound in lamb
Thursday: /n/ sound in gnat and knit
Friday: /r/ sound in wrap


In maths this week we will continue our work on 2D and 3d shapes. Our lesson objectives for the week are:

  • Count faces on 3-D shapes 
  • Count edges on 3-D shapes 
  • Count vertices on 3-D shapes 
  • Sort 3-D shapes  
  • Make patterns with 2-D and 3-D shapes 

If you want to support your child with their learning you can visit together.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week the children become super coders. They will learn what an algorithm is and learn how to use computer coding to make objects move.They will have a go at creating their own codes and computer programmes using Purple Mash and showcase their learning by completing a series of coding challenges.

Religion and World Views

In R+WV this week the children will learn about marriage in faiths other than Christianity. They will produce a fact sheet/poster on a marriage ceremony of their choice. 


In PSHE the children will start to understand that sometimes people make assumptions about boys and girls (stereotypes). They will begin to understand some ways in which boys and girls are different and accept that this is OK. 

Stars of the Week

Sycamore – Rory

Maple – Phoebe JJ

Magnolia – Otis

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