Year 2 Term 2 Week 4

Follow the link to see them highlights from our Curriculum Showcase Evening


  • Thank you for the offers of help for our Theatre trip in the last week of term. We will let you know next week if your help is needed this time. Thank you.


Thank you to our amazing Year 2 ambassadors who helped at our Curriculum Showcase on Thursday evening. You were all so friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks also to any parents who attended. We loved having you in school to share a bit more about what we cover in school. 

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Subject specific information:



In writing this week the children will be deepening their understanding of jobs in a castle by applying for a job in a castle! They will have fun being Creative Unicorns by imagining which role they would have liked to have done and writing a job application for the position. Drama and role play will enhance the experience which will end in writing a diary entry about a day in the life of a castle worker. We can’t wait to find out which jobs the children will choose!


Guided reading sessions will be accompanied by activities linked to previously taught grammar. This week this will involve a Road Safety reading and writing task, a free-writing opportunity inspired by a dragon and knight illustration, as well as a spelling activity focusing on the ‘el’ ending (e.g label, jewel, camel).


This week we are learning these phonemes and linked spelling rules:

Monday: ar (father, half)

Tuesday: air (there, pear, bare)

Wednesday: or (all, four, caught)

Friday: ur (learn, word)

As part of our daily recall, children are reading common exception words. Whilst most children are confident at reading them, we really want this to be evident in spelling when writing. Please support your child with spelling the following words correctly when they are doing any writing at home. 


In maths this week we will continue our work on 2D and 3d shapes. Our lesson objectives for the week are:

  • Calculate with money
  • Make a pound
  • Find change
  • Two step problems

If you want to support your child with their learning you can visit  together.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week the children will create some castle artwork in the style of JMW Turner. They will apply their knowledge and skills during our castle trip and sketch different parts of Caldicot Castle during the day using their observational skills. 

Castle trip

Most of our KUW work will be undertaken on our trip to Caldicot on Thursday! The children will engage in a scavenger hunt to find different parts of the castle and will engage in a character workshop. ‘Lady Alianore’ will tell the children all about life in the castle in the late 14th century. The children will have the opportunity to take part in role-play, handle related artefacts and question the lady about her life and times. Lady Alianore covers a wide range of topics from crime and punishment to courtly good manners – very different to our modern ideas of correct behaviour. 

Caldicot Castle | South Wales | Castles, Forts and Battles


In PSHE the children will think about how to be a good friend. They will start to understand what bullying is and think about cyber bullying. They will be able to name ways to seek help, or help someone else, if they experience bullying online. 

Stars of the Week

Sycamore – absent

Maple – Jasper

Magnolia – Freya

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