Reception – Term 5, Week 1

Please check your Evidence Me app for new observations of your child.


  • Thank you for your kind fruit donations – the children really enjoyed making fruit salad. 
  • Every child needs to bring their book, book bag and reading record into school everyday. 
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources on the patio before school (including the mountain and the bikes/scooters). Please pass this on to any adults who bring your child to school.
  • Phonics and letter formation – We are really pleased to be able to share this document with you (click here). The document shows you the Phase 2 phonemes with a description of the corresponding action, the correct letter formation and the image children will associate with the phoneme. The children have been learning these phonemes in their Phonics lessons, so should already be familiar with them. Please use this document to support your child’s letter formation and use the ‘script’ that we use in school to ensure consistency.
  • Please remember to read the phonetically decodable reading book with your child everyday. Reading the same book daily for several days helps to develop fluency and embed phonic knowledge and skills. Please write a positive comment about your child’s reading in their log book everyday. You can click here to access the blog post about reading at Henleaze Infant School and click here to view some of the FAQ’s. Please remember to return your child’s books every Monday as they will swap them for new ones on Mondays.


We have had another exciting week in Reception. The children enjoyed walking down to Cairns Road Baptist Church to learn about the Christian festival of Easter. Click here to see the blog post containing photos.

Alongside this, the children have loved making and eating a fruit salad. They then wrote instructions so that somebody else could make one too!

The children have made a bug hotel outside and enjoyed summarising this terms learning when we catagorised animals, clothes and weathers of hot places and cold places.

Star of the Week

Class 1 – Oscar

Class 2 – Sofie

Class 3 – Elena

Evidence Me – Observation request

Please submit an observation of your child doing something involving Maths over the Easter holiday. There are some ideas below:

  • Cooking – measuring out ingredients
  • Practicing counting 
  • Find the same amount of different items – For example, find 3 spoons, 3 hats, or 3 socks.
  • Talk about the size of objects e.g. that is a big car and this one is a smaller car.
  • Talk about the shape of objects e.g. this ball is a sphere, this box is a cube.  
  • Play with items like shells, bottle tops, beads, Lego – count and make patterns with them
  • Put items in order – You could do this by weight, height or size. Ask your child to help you organise items around the house.
  • Make patterns with objects, colouring pencils, paint or Play-Doh.
  • Build 3D shapes with Duplo or Lego.
  • Solve problems – Work out “how many altogether” and “how many more”. Ask your child questions such as “We have 3 red apples and 2 green apples, so how many apples do we have altogether?”.

Please click here to view the Evidence Me parents guide.

Week 1 Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our new Jigsaw unit this term is on the theme of Relationships. This week, we will talk about the people in our families.

Communication and Language

For the next two weeks, we will be continually reading ‘The Tiny Seed’. The children will  become familiar with the story and will be encouraged to describe in detail what happens. 

Word of the week: sowing

Physical Development

Children will be learning to send and receive different sized balls independently and with a partner.


Please continue to use the phonics and common exception word grid with your child to practice all the phonemes and ‘CEW’ we have learnt so far. We suggest doing this alongside their daily reading. 

Click here to access our GPC (grapheme phoneme correspondence) and common exception word mat. 

This week we will continue with week 2 of our Phase 4 learning, learning about adjacent consonants.  Our focus this week will be ‘mp, nd, nk and nt. For example ‘mp’ in the word ‘damp’ or ‘nd’ in the word ‘sand’.

We will also be focusing on these common exception words: said, have, like, so, do, was, you

Please support your child at home to practise their letter formation. Click here to see the correct letter formation and ‘script’ we use in school to support children to form their letters. This will ensure consistency between home and school.

This week we will read with your child either 1:1 or in a small guided reading session. Please continue to read with your child every day to improve their fluency with a text. Ask your child questions about the characters, what they think might happen next and discuss/ explain what they think is happening in the pictures.

Writing –This week we will be writing about what happens to the seed in each season, based on the ‘Tiny Seed’ story. 


This week, the children will be learning about spatial reasoning. They will be learning to rotate and manipulate shapes to make shape pictures. Alongside this, they will continue to learn about numbers to 10 in depth, subitise and recall number bonds. 

Understanding the World

We will be creating garden centre shops with the children in our role play areas; making plants and labeling items for sale.and 

Religion and Worldviews

This week, we begin a new Unit of our Statutory Locally Agreed R.E. Syllabus: Awareness, Mystery and Value – “How should we live our lives?” We will think about how what we do and say affects other people, and have a discussion about who or what show us good ways to live, reminding children of our Class Rules as well as the Holy books they have heard about previously: the Christian Bible; the Muslim Qur’an and the Jewish Torah.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week we will be introducing the concept of a pulse/beat through animal rhythms in Music. We will recognise  the beat or the pulse in music is like your heartbeat.

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