The Reception Year

The Reception year is the second year of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The Early Years Foundation Stage guided practitioners in the development of children from birth until the end of the year in which they are five. It is built on the principle that all children are unique and that their learning and development is brought about by forming positive relationships with others and by exploring concepts and the world in which they live, in an enabling environment.

The EYFS | Stepping Stones Nursery Witney

At Henleaze Infant School we offer an exciting, inspiring curriculum to engage our pupils and give them an introduction to the experiences and skills that they need to develop for life-long learning. We deliver this curriculum through purposeful play inside and out and a variety of enjoyable, challenging activities, both adult-led and child initiated.

Further information about how the Early Years Foundation Stage is taught at Henleaze Infant School and how you can help as a parent/carer at home will be shared throughout the year in the form of a curriculum information evening, an early Reading and Phonics meeting, parent-teacher meetings and through online platforms including class blogs and curriculum pages. As part of our practice, each child will have their own electronic ‘learning diary’ that can be contributed to by both home and school and will build a wonderful evidence base for their learning journey throughout the Foundation Stage.

Starting your Henleaze Infant School journey

Our Reception classrooms

Our Reception patio

Meet our Reception class teachers

We believe that positive relationships between adults and children are essential to ensure children feel happy, safe and supported in the learning environment. We usually start the transition process with a range of ‘meet the teachers’ at stay and play sessions and teddy bears picnics in the summer terms. In September, we then visit every child at their house to ensure all of the information about your child is passed onto their key adults. You can start finding out about some of our teachers by watching videos of them below.

Daffodil Class

Buttercup Class

Click here to find out about Buttercup Class and click here to see them in action.

Daisy Class

Click here to find out about Daisy Class and click here to see them in action.

Stories about starting school

Below are some suggestions of stories that you could read to your child before starting school.

Click here to find out about each story in more depth.

Important induction documents

Please click the links below to view the documents.

Part-time timetable 2022-23

New Parents Meeting – slides from 21st June 22

Photos to support transition to school

Early Reading and Phonics Meeting – slides from 27th September 22 (also see the Early Reading and Phonics blog post below)

Reception Curriculum Meeting: Working in Partnership with Parents – slides from 5th October 22

Useful resources and links

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