Values & Aims

At Henleaze Infant School a process of consultation involving pupils, parents and staff has established our vision Be Kind, Be Curious, Be You. We fulfil this vision by engaging our whole community in understanding the importance of upholding our school values:

Kindness, Curiosity, Respect, Community


In practice, this means:

  • Being polite and friendly
  • Playing together
  • Sharing with one another 
  • Looking after someone if they are sad


In practice, this means:

  • Showing others that we all belong in our school 
  • Working together (like the Teamwork Bee)
  • Making links with others outside of our school
  • Protecting our planet


In practice, this means:

  • Having good manners; listening to each other, being polite and taking turns
  • Understanding that people might think or feel differently from us 
  • Looking after our school 
  • Understanding that each of us is special


In practice, this means:

  • Asking questions like the Curious Cat
  • Celebrating our similarities and differences
  • Showing interest in the world around us
  • Enthusiasm to learn

These values and aims underpin our curriculum outlined below:

Equalities Statement

At Henleaze Infant School we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all pupils, staff, parents and carers receiving services from the school, irrespective of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, faith or religion, socio-economic background or being pregnant or undertaking maternity leave. We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all those connected to the school feel proud of their identity and able to participate fully in school life.

The achievement of pupils will be monitored by race, gender and disability and we will use this data to support pupils, raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching. We will tackle discrimination by the positive promotion of equality, challenging bullying and stereotypes and creating an environment which champions respect for all. At Henleaze Infant School we believe that diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here.

This is underpinned by the Equality Act 2010.

It is our duty and we shall endeavour to:

(a) eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under this Act;

(b) advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it;

(c) foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

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