Year 1 News, Term 3, Week 1

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you have had a well-rested holiday. Year 1 have bounced straight back into their learning and we have had a fantastic week.

In English we have produced lovely pieces of writing to tell our holiday news. We shared our experiences with the class and used our super handwriting, punctuation and adjectives to describe what we got up to over the festive break. We have been working super hard to hear the sounds in the words we are writing by using our phonics knowledge.

Our sounds of the week we are learning in Phonics this week are the alternatives for ‘ir’ and recapping the pronunciations for ‘ea’ and ‘oa’. ‘ea’ as the ‘e’ sound (head) and as the ‘ai’ sound (great), ‘oa’ as the ‘o’ sound (goal). Alternatives for ‘ir’ (girl) ‘er’ (ever). Please refer to your children’s sounds and words book for a breakdown of these sounds and a list of our weekly words we have been focusing on reading and writing that contain them.

In Maths, we have been recapping our number bonds knowledge to 10 and strengthening our knowledge around bonds to 20. We have used numicon in order to help us with lots of paired and practical work throughout the week.

In PSHE we have been thinking about goals and dreams and ways in which we can celebrate our successes and achievements. In RE we have shared in our classes our favourite story books and discussed what makes them special to us in preparation for our discussion around holy books from alternate faiths around the world.

We have also been practicing balance, coordination, 90 degree angles and experimenting with different ways of moving in-between apparatus in PE through different games such as ‘follow the leader’

Well done to our Year 1 busy bees! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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