Year 2 Term 2 Week 5


We had an incredible time at Caldicot Castle. Thank you to everyone who came and helped. We couldn’t have done it without you. The children made us all so proud and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Keep your eyes peeled for a separate blog post full of castle trip pictures!

Thank you for the offers of help for our Theatre trip in the last week of term. 
Maple class are still looking for a number of volunteers, please contact Miss Eskell or Mrs Hibbard if you are available to help.

Subject specific information:



We will start off our English this week by reminiscing about our school trip to Caldicot castle and writing a recount of the day, focusing on writing in chronological order and using interesting adjectives to describe the event. We will also put together a glossary of all our wonderful new topic words we have learnt over the term and then pull together all our learning by writing a factual poster about knights and castles.


Our guided reading sessions this week have a poetic theme. We will begin some reading comprehension activities around the poems that children have read.


This week we are learning or revising these phonemes and linked spelling rules:

Monday- oo as in could and put

Wednesday-ai as in day and came

Thursday-ee as in sea, these, happy, chief, key

Friday-igh as in pie, by, like

As part of our daily recall, children are reading common exception words. Whilst most children are confident at reading them, we really want this to be evident in spelling when writing. Please support your child with spelling the following words correctly when they are doing any writing at home. 


In maths this week we will start a new block of lessons on multiplication and division. Our lesson objectives for the week are:

  • Recognise equal groups
  • Make equal groups 
  • Add equal groups 
  • Introduce x symbol 
  • Multiplication sentences

If you want to support your child with their learning you can visit together.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week the children will work in cooperative groups to create healthy eating posters. They will use a range of media to create bold, eye-catching posters to inform others about how to maintain a balanced diet. 

In science the children will undertake an investigation to try and work out what kind of paper is strongest. They will make holes in sheets of paper and hang weights from them to determine which paper is strongest. 

R + WV

In R + WV this week the children will learn about the nativity story. They will listen to the story of the Littlest Watchman and then story map the nativity story. They will ponder these questions:

  • Why is Christmas  so important for  Christians?  
  • What do the names Jesus and Immanuel tell us about him?  
  • Why was the Son of God born in a stable, not a palace?   
  • Why did the angels come to tell the shepherds  first?


In PSHE the children will continue thinking about bullying. They will begin to recognise what is right and wrong and know how to look after themselves. They will start to know when and how to stand up for themselves and others if they are being bullied.

Stars of the Week

Sycamore – Sebastian

Maple – Alex

Magnolia – Dolly

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