Reception – Term 4, Week 4


  • School will be closed for most children on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th.
  • If your child completes one of the sides of their bookmark, please alert your child’s class teacher.
  • Children need to bring their book bag into school every day. If they do not have it on a Monday, they will not be able to have a new reading book. 
  • We would like you to support your child to hold their pencil correctly when they are using them at home. Children should be using a tripod grip. Click here to see a BBC Bitesize video about how to hold a pencil.
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources that are on the Reception patio in the morning. These have been carefully positioned and are there to support your child’s learning during the school day.


The Reception children loved playing in the snow on Wednesday! We have been really impressed with the children’s knowledge of 3D shapes and their use of mathematical language to describe them e.g. a cube has 6 flat faces that are a square shape. 

Star of the Week

Daisy – Danyssa

Buttercup – Rupert

Daffodil – Lucas

Tapestry – Observation request

The focus this week is Writing. We will be making a fruit salad at school on Friday. Please ask your child to write a list of simple instructions for us to follow. For example: 1. Chop or cut the fruit. 2. Put it in a bowl. 3. Mix it up. 4. Eat it.

You can also send us any moments that you feel are significant in your child’s learning or want to share with your child’s class teachers.

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This week’s learning

Our topic ‘Places different from where I live’ continues. We will be learning about hot places for the rest of the term. The children have learnt about cold places already.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Continuing our theme of ‘Healthy me’, we will learn how to help ourselves go to sleep and understand why sleep is good for us. 

Communication and Language

We will be reading our new key text, Handa’s Surprise. The children will be describing the key events in detail. 

Word of the week: Performance

Physical Development

This week, we will be learning about different ways we can travel on our feet. 


This week we will be revisiting our phase 3 phonics and becoming masters of ure and er. We will be practising writing these digraphs in words and short captions.


This week we will be making complex repeating patterns e.g. AABAABAAB. We will be thinking about addition too. 

Understanding the World 

We will start to think about hot places, such as Kenya, where Handa lives. 

Religion and Worldviews

Continuing our Big Question, “Why are some times special?”, we will be learning about the Christian story of Easter.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week we will preparing a fruit salad and we will also create observational drawings of a fruit bowl. 

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