Year 2 Learning. Term 4, Week 6

Spring Bonnet Parade

All Year 2 children are invited to make a Spring bonnet for a parade at school on this Friday 31st March. They can bring them in with them on the day. We look forward each year to see the wonderful creations that they come up with. Happy designing….

Maypole Dancing

If your child has shown an interest in being part of the Maypole dancing team this year then look out for a note in their book bags this week. We need to ensure that the children who learn the dances are AVAILABLE to perform on the day of the May Fair – Saturday 20th May. Please check in with your child to whether they have told their teacher that they would like to take part. Please ask your teacher if you are unsure. If your child is able to attend then please sign and return the slip to your class teacher no later than Friday 31st March.

Notice board: 

Maple Class: Maple’s class dance has been moved to Tuesday 25th April at 2.40pm

Thank you to all Sycamore and Magnolia parents for attending our space dance performances! We loved having you all in and the children had a ball.

Information Meeting for Parents – Y2 SATS

Parents are invited to a brief meeting in the hall at 3pm on Thursday 20th April (Term 5, Week 1). We will run through what these mean for your child and a little about how we facilitate them and some examples of what these look like.



We continue daily blending revision to help us apply our segmenting and blending skills to unfamiliar words.

 Spelling and Grammar (SPAG):

This term we will be revising the CEWs we started learning last term to ensure that children are secure in reading and spelling them. You can support your child at home this term by regularly revising these. 

1.     After
2.     Bath
3.     Beautiful
4.     Break
5.     Class
6.     Even
7.     Fast
8.     Father
9.     Grass
10.  Great
11.  Improve
12.  Last
13.  Move
14.  Pass
15.  Past
16.  Path
17.  Plant
18.  Pretty
19.  Prove
20.  Steak
21.  Sure

If you wish to support your children further with their spelling in conjunction with their upcoming learning you could practise these spellings with your child at home:

  • Chocolate
  • Easter
  • Egg
  • Celebration 
  • Delicious 
  • Sweet
  • Velvety
  • Creamy
  • Sugary
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Feels 
  • Smooth


We will continue to practise our reading skills using the Totally Pawsome Gang. We will also read with the children 1:1 to make sure they are reading books at the correct banded level. 


This week the children will write and publish their animal non-chronological reports. They have loved researching animals using non fiction books and ipads and have produced some wonderful plans.

Towards the end of the week the children will taste chocolate and write a piece of writing using their senses to describe the chocolate.


This week we will be continuing to focus on telling the time. We will recap key concepts from Year 1 such as telling the time to the hour, half past the hour, quarter past and quarter to the hour. We will also learn about minutes in an hour and hours in a day. 

Here is a useful link to practice at home:,60%20minutes%20in%20an%20hour.&text=This%20shows%20the%20hour%20hand%20on%20a%20clock.

Knowledge and Understanding the World (topic)

This week in KUW we will be continuing to make our paper mache planets. We will be painting them to create our own solar system. In PSHE we will also be continuing to make our own healthy fruit skewers.

Star of the week:

Sycamore – Mabel 

Maple: Reuben

Magnolia – Tiya

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