100 Day!

On Monday 28th February 2022, we hosted a themed maths day to enrich our curriculum and promote the enjoyment of Mathematics.  We chose this day as it marked the 100th day of school this academic year. Each class has been keeping count of the days of school using the ‘Henleaze Daily Count’ in their classroom and have added one straw for each day of school.

Representing 100

We asked the children and adults to come to school with one thing they could find at home that represents 100. You can see some examples below.


The whole school took part in an investigation; ‘How can 100 be grouped?’ (e.g. in 10 groups of 10 or 20 groups of 5). Every class was given 100 lolly sticks to use to help them. Each year group recorded this in a different way.

Reception used the lolly sticks and put them into equal groups.

Year 1 grouped the lolly sticks and then wrote repeated addition number sentences.

Year 2 grouped the lolly sticks and wrote multiplication number sentences.

Having fun!

Thank you for your support in preparing the children for this day.

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