Eco Committee

Since the beginning of the year the Eco Committee have been meeting once or twice a term and working hard on ideas to make our school community a more eco friendly environment.

They have been busy, with the help of Class 9, making posters to go around the school reminding staff and children how their behaviours can have a positive impact on the environment. They used recycled paper and mounted their posters on cardboard.

They have also been involved in bidding for some fruit trees from the council which were delivered last week. The Eco Committed scouted out the best part of the playground for the trees and our wonderful site team helped to plant them. The Committee are currently working on creating some signage for the trees so they stay well protected.

28th March 2022

On Friday, the Eco Committee planted a wild flower bed around the school grounds.

Thursday 31st March

We have had a fantastic afternoon helping the Forest School team to plant 60 little saplings, which will make a woodland area around the Forest School section of the playground. As well as on the embankment outside the Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms. Thank you very much to all the parent volunteers who helped us! Please see below for photos.

Eco Challenges

New challenges will be updated on the blog for children to complete with school or at home with families.

This weeks challenge… Are you able to travel to school using 2 or 3 wheels? but not 4!

Did you know a quarter of UK carbon emissions come from road transport? Car exhaust fumes include carbon dioxide and black carbon which are both bad for climate change. We can help to reduce the amount of exhaust fumes through walking or cycling to school each morning or by car sharing. Under inflated tyres increase fuel consumption and therefore carbon emissions!

Do you need to think of an alternative route to school for you to be able to ride a bike? Would you need to build in a little extra time to allow for cycling rather than driving? Send a picture of you on your journey with 2 or 3 wheels and send it to the school email.

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