Reception – Term 1, Week 8

Please download the Tapestry app on your phone or tablet. We will be sending out the first part of your child’s learning diary on Thursday 20th October. 


  • Our Reception performance will be on Wednesday 7th December at 9:30am. Parents/carers will be invited. Wwe wanted to give you as much notice as possible so that you can make arrangements to allow you to come and watch the performance of the year!
  • On Thursday 20th October, we will be going on an autumn welly walk. Please provide your child with a pair of wellies on this date.
  • Belle and Sebastian – You should have now received an email about our Whole School Enrichment Project for the final week of Term 2. On Wednesday of this week, we will be visiting the Bristol Old Vic to watch a production of ‘Belle and Sebastian’. The company who are putting on the production have asked us to make you aware of an event taking place during half term connected with this story. Please follow the link here.
  • Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. 
  • Children need to bring their book bag into school everyday. If they do not have it on a Monday, they will not be able to have a new reading book. 
  • We would like you to support your child to hold their pencil correctly when they are using them at home. Children should be using a tripod grip. Click here to see a BBC Bitesize video about how to hold a pencil.
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources that are on the Reception patio in the morning. These have been carefully positioned and are there to support your child’s learning during the school day.
  • Please remember to send your child to school everyday with a coat. We like to go outside in all weathers. 
  • Please allow your child to be as independent as possible when they get dressed or changed for bed.


Reception attended their first assembly this week! The children enjoyed going to the whole school Harvest Festival where we had some visitors from the Salvation Army talk to us about sharing food.

The children have loved learning about Autumn and patterns in Maths. They have been making patterns with lots of different items that they have found around the classroom. The children looked at conkers, leaves that have turned brown, yellow and red and have fallen off trees and lots of other Autumn

This week’s learning:

We will continue to learn about the ELLI Unicorn in Week 8. 

To find out more about our ELLI animals, please click here

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This week, children will be thinking about their responsibilities to be kind and follow our school rules.

Communication and Language

The children will be acting out Sugarlump and the Unicorn. Alongside this, we will continue to share the All About Me box. 

Physical Development

We will be exploring footwork by focusing on jumping at different speeds, distances and directions. In Write Dance we will be taking a ‘walk in the country’ using our hands on paper to explore wavy and wriggly movements.


This week we will be teaching the children the phonemes:  l, ll, ss and reading words with -s ending. The children will learn these phonemes (sounds) and practise writing them in isolation and in words. We will also be learning the common exception word: go.

Writing: This week the children will be continuing to practice writing their names, focusing on pencil grip, letter formation and only having capital letters at the beginning.


This week, we will be comparing size, mass and capacity. 

Understanding the World

This week, the children will be going on an Autumn ‘welly walk’  around the school campus to look for signs of autumn. 

Religion and Worldviews

The children will continue to share the All About Me box. We will also talk about who are special people who help us make good choices e.g. parents; adults in school; religious teachers for those with a faith.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week children will be creating an Autumn scene using some of the items we found on our Welly Walk.

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